AI Prompt Engineers are making $300k/y
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$300k/year. That’s probably the first thing you saw and you’re probably thinking ‘Huh, how?.’ I asked myself the exact same thing. But I am not surprised. With the way Generative AI was going in the year 2023, this was bound to be the next hot career that everybody wanted a piece of. 

If you still don’t believe me, have a look at the vacancy from Anthropics here

Believe me now?

I’ll take that as a yes and stop dilly-dallying and get right into how you can learn AI prompt engineering for FREE and hopefully land yourself a new swanky job!



Link: Prompt Engineering Guide

Let’s start with the ones who are currently leading the prompt engineering/generative AI game at the moment – OpenAI.

OpenAI has provided a guide which will go through strategic tactics to help you get better results from large language models such as GPT-4. They encourage users to experiment, trial and error until they find the best method that works for them!

They go through a range of examples along with 6 strategies for getting better results. 



Link: NLP with Deep Learning

It’s great to know how to prompt a model to do what you want, but it’s even better when you understand the way it works – the ins and outs. 

A course offered by Deep Learning which explores the foundations and applications of natural language processing (NLP) using deep learning techniques. So rather than just clearing how to communicate with a computer system, dive a little deeper and understand how computer systems understand and create human-like speech. 



Link: Learn Prompt Engineer Guide

Oh another guide, but this time more extensive! The founders came together to create a comprehensive and FREE guide on how to use Generative AI. If you’re new to the world of AI, the guide is for you. It has been specifically aimed at non-technical readers who want to learn more about Generative AI and Prompt Engineering.

If you have a bit of tech knowledge under your belt and need something a bit more challenging, the later modules will be for you. 



Link: Prompt Engineering Masterclass

If you’re willing to subscribe, the content from Prompt Engineering Masterclass is free to you! It is an evolving series which is divided into sectioned articles. You will gain insight into advanced prompt engineering techniques used for Generative AI. 

You will start with learning about Generative AI foundations, an introduction to Large Language Models and Prompt Engineering, and then slowly move onto more advanced topics such as prompt engineering techniques, conversational AI models, AGI, and enterprise GenAI, as well as practical examples. 



Link: Prompt Engineering for Developers

A free 1-hour course provided by DeepLearning.AI with Isa Fulford and Andrew Ng as your course coordinators. This course has been curated specifically for developers, in which you will learn how to use an LLM and build new and powerful applications.  

Using the OpenAI API, you’ll learn to innovate, master the best practices for prompt engineering, and explore how LLM APIs can be used for a variety of tasks.



Link: Prompt Engineering Guide

Last but not least, another prompt engineering guide. There’s no such thing as too many free guides!

With a high interest in the development of LLMs, PromptingGuide.AI have created a prompt engineering guide. Not only will you be able to master prompt engineering, but it also contains the latest papers, advanced prompting techniques, learning guides, and more. 



6 courses away from landing yourself that new swanky job that could be paying you big bucks! Of course, there’s more to it than just mastering prompt engineering, you will need to put it into practice, create a good portfolio and put your best foot forward!

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