What You Should Know:

  • Anatomy Financial announces the launch of their AI-powered financial automation solutions for medical, dental, digital health, and healthcare billing companies.
  • Anatomy has raised $7.6M in funding to build a financial operating system for healthcare from Lightspeed, Meridian Street Capital, Live Oak Ventures, Cambrian Ventures, Peterson Ventures, and angel investors with expertise across healthcare and fintech.

Streamlining Healthcare Finance: Anatomy’s Automated Solution

Traditional banking and accounting systems lack seamless integration with healthcare practice management systems, leading healthcare organizations to rely on manual processes and spreadsheets for financial management. Anatomy addresses this challenge by leveraging AI to automate healthcare back-office tasks, connecting bank, claims, and accounting data for real-time insights and automated reconciliation. Particularly beneficial for an industry still reliant on paper checks and remittances, Anatomy offers a tailored solution that digitizes paper-based transactions, saving time typically spent on post-processing work. 

Raleigh Orthopaedics Clinic, an independent practice, exemplifies the benefits of Anatomy’s solution, as highlighted by CEO Brian Bizub. Formerly reliant on manual tracking and data entry using Excel spreadsheets, the clinic now embraces Anatomy’s automated approach, especially crucial as their billing operations transition to remote work.

Anatomy’s co-founders, Sasha and Callum King, bring a blend of healthcare and fintech expertise to the venture. Sasha, formerly of CareDx, encountered firsthand the challenges of managing billing processes in-house at a diagnostics laboratory, while Callum’s background includes co-founding Brightside, a fintech platform catering to employers.

Sasha said: “We are thrilled to launch Anatomy and automate the financial processes unique to healthcare. Anatomy is bringing unprecedented clarity to healthcare organizations, allowing providers to focus on patient care.”