Apple recently canceled Jon Stewart’s commentary series on TV+. That’s either because Apple disliked season three topics or ratings were too low (or both but probably the former). That depends on who you ask. A few months later, it appears the political commentator is returning to familiar place just in time for the US presidential election. Stewart will return to The Daily Show on Comedy Central as producer and host (on Mondays) for the first time since 2015.

If there was one problem with The Problem with Jon Stewart on Apple TV+, it was that it skewed more serious than funny. Now it turns out Apple’s abrupt cancelation propelled the comedian back to his home turf during a presidential election year. There’s not a funnier possible outcome.

Comedy Central, of course, has been on the hunt for a new Daily Show host since Stewart’s successor Trevor Noah left the chair. That hunt will continue as Stewart is only on through 2024. The show’s “corespondents” will shuffle hosting duties otherwise.


The big question since getting canned by Apple? Does this means we’ll see Jon Stewart take on Apple? Stewart once called Apple Appholes over the leaked iPhone 4 situation. Then he called Apple his employer. There’s plenty of material to go around, from Apple’s laughable response to forced App Store regulation to the $3500 Apple Vision Pro.

Stewart, who shares being fired by Apple with Steve Jobs, once ended a Daily Show episode with Jobs’ Stanford commencement address as the Moment of Zen. Let’s do the same:

Featured image courtesy of Jon Stewart

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