Apple Vision Pro EyeSight Visual Indicator for capturing photos


  • Apple has released visionOS 1.0.3 for the Vision Pro headset. This update adds an option to reset the device if the user forgets the passcode.
  • Before this update, users could not reset the Vision Pro at home. They would have to approach an Apple Store, which would use a special $300 Developer Strap to reset the device.

The Apple Vision Pro has been out for a while, and consumers have had a chance to play with it. It’s a marvelous piece of technology, but it is also clearly a first-generation product. Some users realized this when they attempted to reset the password of their Vision Pro, only to realize they couldn’t do it without a visit to the Apple Store. Apple has now released a visionOS update that fixes the bug and lets users reset their Vision Pro without visiting the Apple Store or using a Developer Strap.

Apple is rolling out the visionOS 1.0.3 update for the Vision Pro headset. MacRumors notes that the update adds an option to reset the Vision Pro if you forget the passcode on the device.

This update provides important bug fixes and adds an option to reset your device if you’ve forgotten your passcode.

With the update, if a wrong passcode is entered a few times, users will get an option to erase the Vision Pro. Erasing the Vision Pro does not remove the Activation Lock, so you would still need to log in with your Apple ID to use the headset again. If anyone steals your headset, know that they cannot easily start using it.

Before this update, if users forgot their passcode and got locked out of their Vision Pro, they would need to either take the headset back to an Apple Store, mail in the headset to Apple Support or figure out a way to get access to a special $300 Developer Strap that is available under the Apple Developer Program. There was no way to reset the Vision Pro at home. Thankfully, with the latest update, you no longer have to worry about this.

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