What You Should Know:

Butterfly Network has unveiled its next-generation handheld ultrasound system, the Butterfly iQ3, marking a significant advancement in point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) technology.

– Butterfly iQ3 is built on the next-generation P4.3 Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology with the world’s fastest digital data transfer, enhancing frame rates, frequency and new 3D imaging capabilities – all on a smaller, lighter and more ergonomically designed probe.

– Effective today, Butterfly iQ3 is available for purchase via direct sales representatives and Ecommerce in the United States.

Butterfly iQ3 Key Features

Butterfly iQ3 brings best-in-class, high-resolution image quality with twice the processing power compared to Butterfly iQ+ and a novel “no focus” rubber lens, enabling providers to intuitively identify anatomy, observe small structures, and ultimately, make more confident diagnostic decisions.

Key features include:

Unparalleled Image Quality: Powered by a new semiconductor chip with double the processing power, iQ3 delivers best-in-class high-resolution images, surpassing traditional handheld devices and even some carts.

Faster Diagnosis: The increased processing speed enables quicker scans and instant image analysis, aiding in faster diagnoses and treatment decisions.

Advanced 3D Imaging Tools: iQ3 introduces two innovative features:

iQ Slice: Automatically captures multiple ultrasound slices for a comprehensive view of an organ, simplifying complex scans for both experienced and less experienced users.

iQ Fan: Provides real-time virtual fanning of lung images, making lung conditions easier to visualize.

Enhanced User Experience

– Smaller and Lighter Design: Improved ergonomics reduce strain and fatigue for clinicians during scans.

– Customizable Controls: Users can personalize button functions for efficient operation.

– Faster Charging: 2.5x faster charging and 2 hours of run time ensure uninterrupted use.

– Affordable Price Point: Butterfly iQ3 remains competitively priced compared to traditional ultrasound solutions.

Pricing & Availability

Butterfly iQ3 is now available for purchase in the United States for $3,899 plus membership. For more information and to purchase, visit www.butterflynetwork.com/iq3.