Although Vision Pro arrived in stores just a few weeks ago, Apple announced the new device in June last year at WWDC – and some developers have been working with visionOS ever since. The company is expected to announce visionOS 2 later this year – but in the meantime, Parker Ortolani has created a concept imagining the new features Apple could bring to Vision Pro.

visionOS 2 concept

Ortolani’s concept brings together some of the features much requested by Vision Pro owners. The first is a simple but obvious one: the option to rearrange the Home Screen. Just like the first iPhone, Vision Pro doesn’t let users rearrange apps on the Home Screen. The first page shows Apple apps, while other apps appear on subsequent pages in alphabetical order.

The concept also shows what a Notification Center would look like right in the sidebar of the visionOS home view, with rich details for each notification. Currently, notification management on Apple Vision Pro is quite limited, so this would be a nice upgrade.

Since Vision Pro shows the world through cameras, interacting with your smartphone while wearing the headset isn’t exactly the best experience. For example, there’s no way to unlock the iPhone using Face ID, but Ortolani imagines a feature that uses Vision Pro’s Optic ID to unlock the phone.

He also illustrates what it would be like to just look at the TV to continue watching the same content on Vision Pro. This would work in a similar way to the Mac Virtual Display feature, which lets the user see the Mac screen right from Vision Pro.

There are a few other features shown in Ortolani’s concept, such as better multitasking, new hand gestures, accessing shortcuts with the top button, and reminders to stop using the headset after long sessions. The high-resolution concept can be found on Behance.

What do you think of these ideas? Is there anything specific you want to see in visionOS 2? Let us know in the comments section below.

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