What You Should Know:

Health2047, the American Medical Association’s venture studio dedicated to healthcare innovation, announced its investment in and launch from stealth of HEAL Security, a cognitive cybersecurity platform built specifically for the healthcare industry.

– Health2047’s investment in HEAL Security underscores the urgent need for robust and specialized cybersecurity solutions within the healthcare industry. Their platform equips health systems with the necessary tools to protect patient data, ensure operational continuity, and ultimately build a more secure future for healthcare delivery.

A Pressing Need for Healthcare-Focused Cybersecurity

With over $2.3M invested by Health2047 and an additional $2.3M from co-investors, HEAL Security stands as a crucial response to the growing cybersecurity vulnerability of healthcare organizations. In Q1 2023 alone, hospitals and health systems were the top targets for cyberattacks due to the vast troves of sensitive patient data stored in their electronic health records (EHRs). These breaches disrupt operations, erode trust, and potentially jeopardize patient safety.

HEAL Security: The Healthcare Industry’s Cyber Shield

HEAL Security’s platform fills a critical gap in cybersecurity solutions by offering real-time, customized cyber threat intelligence tailored to the healthcare sector. This empowers health systems to:

  • Proactively safeguard business-critical data, systems, and personnel
  • Navigate the complexities of the digital age
  • Ensure the safety and confidentiality of patient data
  • Combat ever-evolving cyber threats

Founded in 2021, HEAL Security’s unique focus on healthcare differentiates it from other generic cybersecurity players. Their flagship solution, HEAL Security Desktop, consolidates vital data, insights, and assessments into a single dashboard, empowering healthcare providers to:

  • Evaluate potential threats and risks
  • Take decisive action to mitigate vulnerabilities
  • Stay ahead of cybercriminals in an ever-shifting landscape

“Cybersecurity data sprawl has historically left hospital leaders navigating a labyrinth to assess and gather a true understanding of their risk of breach,” said Charles Aunger, founder and CEO of HEAL Security. “Our platform synthesizes, aggregates and contextualizes this data, offering clarity and actionable strategies. Health2047’s investment empowers us to provide the healthcare sector with the requisite arsenal to safeguard patient data and continuity of care.”