iPN and Lumeris Join Forces to Boost Value-Based Care

What You Should Know:

– In a move to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes in the Denver metro area, Integrated Physician Network (iPN) and Lumeris announced a strategic partnership today.

– The iPN and Lumeris partnership marks a significant step forward for value-based care in Denver. By combining their resources and expertise, these two organizations are poised to deliver high-quality, patient-centered healthcare to the communities they serve. This collaboration is a testament to the power of cooperation and innovation in transforming the healthcare landscape for the better.

Shifting Gears: Embracing Value-Based Care

The healthcare landscape is undergoing a major transformation, with a growing focus on value-based care models. This shift rewards providers for delivering high-quality care that improves patient outcomes, rather than simply focusing on the quantity of services provided. iPN, a leading physician organization in Denver, has been at the forefront of this transition, leveraging data-driven insights to enhance its services.

Lumeris: The Value-Based Care Enabler

Lumeris brings a wealth of experience and proven strategies to the table. Their suite of tools and resources equip healthcare providers with the necessary knowledge and infrastructure to thrive in value-based care environments. This expertise will be invaluable for iPN’s network of independent practices, empowering them to navigate the complexities of this evolving model.

Collaboration Benefits for Denver Community

This partnership offers several key benefits for both iPN and Lumeris, as well as for the Denver community:

  • Enhanced patient outcomes: iPN’s focus on quality care, combined with Lumeris’ value-based care expertise, is expected to lead to improved health outcomes for patients across the Denver metro area.
  • Empowering physicians: Lumeris’ tools and resources will provide iPN’s independent physicians with the support they need to succeed in value-based care models, ensuring their long-term viability and continued service to their communities.
  • Strengthened healthcare system: The collaboration will contribute to a more robust and efficient healthcare system in Denver, benefitting both patients and providers.
  • Lumeris’ expansion: This partnership is a strategic move for Lumeris, solidifying their presence in the growing Denver healthcare market.

“Our partnership with Lumeris marks an important step forward in our mission to improve the health of our community,” said Todd Welter MSCPC, CEO of iPN. “By combining our clinical expertise with Lumeris’ best-in-class, technology-driven solutions, we are better positioned to thrive in a value-based care environment and drive positive health outcomes for our patients.”