Bitcoin software wallet maker Nunchuk has introduced Byzantine, their innovative collaborative custody platform tailored specifically for Bitcoin advisors.

Byzantine’s unique offering lies in its ability to effortlessly craft multi-user multisig wallets. This feature paves the way for seamless collaboration between advisors and their clients. While the client enjoys complete control over their bitcoin, the advisor holds a backup key, striking a perfect balance between security and autonomy. This harmony between user agency and safety is a testament to Byzantine’s value proposition.

Byzantine also brings to the table a suite of features for collaboration, optimal wallet, and key management. What’s even more noteworthy is the platform’s emphasis on long-term inheritance planning, ensuring clients have an edge in future-proofing their assets.

“Collaborative custody […] offers education, technical guidance, and long-term security, including solving inheritance challenges. It is our belief that collaborative custody holds the key to unlocking Bitcoin’s true potential,” said Hugo Nguyen, Nunchuk founder and CEO. “We’re thrilled to introduce the Byzantine platform to advisors worldwide, empowering them to bring millions of people into the Bitcoin ecosystem.”

Security has always been the cornerstone of Bitcoin transactions, and Byzantine embodies this ethos. Prioritizing the utmost safety of digital assets, it uses cold storage exclusively for keys. To enhance this security, the platform is compatible with a broad spectrum of hardware signing devices, from Coldcard and Tapsigner to Jade, Ledger, and Trezor. Nunchuk’s decision to write its software natively further optimizes this security, minimizing potential attack avenues and offering both desktop and mobile avenues for access.

In our digital age, privacy often finds itself in the crosshairs, making Byzantine’s robust commitment to it all the more commendable. By requesting only an email address from its users, it ensures that clients’ personal information is safeguarded.

For the trailblazers eager to make their mark in Bitcoin advisory, Byzantine’s exclusive Early Access presents a golden opportunity. This initiative allows advisors to be pioneers, staying ahead of the competition and tapping into the platform’s offerings even before the masses. Interested individuals can apply directly through the company’s website.