Sara’s journey from mechanical engineering to Vice President of Data Analytics at Bosch Digital is a story of continuous improvement. She has managed to shape a career of technological advancements and leadership that balances well with her private life enriched by yoga, kitesurfing, and creative pursuits.

How it all started…

Sara has always been interested in how things work and how they can be enhanced. Driven by her passion for continuous improvement, she completed a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the Polytechnic of Bari in Italy. To specialize further, she went to the USA and obtained a master’s degree in robotics and dynamic systems at New York University, which laid the foundation for her remarkable career.



Her career @ Bosch

In 2016, Sara joined Bosch. It was the beginning of a multifaceted journey combining traditional manufacturing and cutting-edge technology. Initially, she worked as a production planner in Italy, where she gained a deep understanding of production processes and drove the integration of digital solutions in manufacturing. After moving to Blaichach in southern Germany, Sara joined the technical support team, where she got to know a different working environment.

Her experience in both Italian and German plants motivated her to extend her support to various Bosch locations worldwide, which eventually led her to a central unit in Feuerbach. Here she took on management responsibility at a young age. “I have to thank my DH for giving me this opportunity and for trusting me more than I trusted myself at the time,” she says. The support and constructive feedback from her team encouraged her in her new role.

The road to Vietnam

Two years ago, Sara’s journey took an unexpected turn when she was presented with an exciting opportunity in Vietnam. She took the risk of moving to a country without knowing what it would be like, as she was unable to visit beforehand due to the Covid-19 lockdown. But she was greeted by a vibrant culture, warm-hearted people, and a delicious cuisine. Sara appreciates the considerate Vietnamese mentality and draws inspiration from it. In her current role as Vice President of Data Analytics, she is proud of her team’s achievements and the joint commitment to shaping the future of Bosch.

I believe we have a huge responsibility and great opportunity to shape the Bosch of our future! You might ask what will come next? I’m curious myself. But for now I’m very passionate about my current role!”

Sara Amendola, Vice President of Data Analytics

Everyday working life

Sara’s day starts with a yoga class at 6:00 am, setting her up positively for the challenges ahead. Her professional life is a careful mix of meetings and focused work, taking time to achieve team goals. Influence, support, and caring describe the essence of her daily work supporting the data team, the Vietnam team, and Bosch Digital as a whole. At the end of her day, she likes to explore new places or enjoy the variety of local Vietnamese food with her husband.


I love my job because it enables me to connect with a truly global team and with constantly changing topics and technologies – it never gets boring!”

Sara Amendola, Vice President of Data Analytics


Private Life

After a previous career as a sailor, Sara was looking for a less dedicated but equally enjoyable activity that connects her with nature. She found it in kitesurfing, something she enjoys for its constant challenge and excitement. Improvement also plays a central role in her personal life, where reading serves as her main source of inspiration. She expresses her creative side through singing, dancing, painting, and most recently playing the ukulele, which provides both self-expression and a meditative focus.

Her commitment to stress management and effective productivity practices underlines Sara’s dedication to continuous self-improvement, while her interest in the role technology plays in improving sustainability reflects her forward-thinking character. Whether navigating her professional life or immersing herself in her hobbies, Sara embodies an unwavering spirit of curiosity and improvement.

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