The Panasonic ARC5 Shaver is absolutely fantastic. It has 5 cutting surfaces and a very flexible head for an easy shaving experience. Here is a quick demo of using the shaver to get a nice smooth shave.

Details of the Panasonic ARC5 Shaver

In the video above, I provide a demo of the shaver, and I use it to shave. Here are some details about the Panasonic ARC5:

  • 5 cutting surfaces with the middle being a trimmer designed for longer more difficult hair
  • It still provides a good shave on a 5 day beard
  • Fully flexible head and cutting surfaces, it really contours to your face
  • Built-in trimmer on the back
  • Very good at getting the upper lip and around the check bones
  • Wet/dry, so you can use it in the shower if you want
  • Easy to Clean, just run under the water (or use the cleaning station if you get that package)

My Thoughts

I think the Panasonic ARC5 is one of the best shavers for the money. It provides a closer and more comfortable shave than the budget shavers. And, it is almost as good as the very expensive shavers. Watch the sale prices, and you can probably get a great shaver at a great price.

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The Panasonic ARC5 is a great shaver, and the price is in the midrange for electric shavers.

One of the best shavers for the price. The Panasonic ARC5 gets a very close shave and it leaves no irritation. Plus, it has a built-in trimmer.

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