Following days of building up anticipation for his “big announcement,” pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton finally dropped the bombshell on September 22. As some might have predicted, his announcement had much to do with the ETH Gate.

Pro-XRP Lawyer: Revelations About Ethereum

In a broadcast on his X (formerly Twitter) platform, Deaton mentioned that he had three announcements to make, with the first being about the Ethereum ICO (Initial Coin Offering) irregularities. 

He stated that he has been in communication with Steven Nerayoff, a prominent “OG” in the crypto space, as he has been around for a while and was actively involved in Ethereum’s ICO. According to him, Nerayoff showed him some of the “receipts,” which made him realize why Nerayoff feels he was targeted. 

The pro-XRP lawyer noted that this communication and everything he has seen is protected by the attorney-client privilege. Because of this, he was limited in what he could say. However, he made some observations based on what he had heard and seen.

According to him, some people who distanced themselves from Nerayoff during his indictment aren’t telling the truth. He chose not to mention any names, though. 

Furthermore, he stated that if the SEC’s case against Ripple’s founders were to go to trial, Bill Himman’s cross-examination would be of “epic proportions.” He even offered to join the Ripple legal team “free of charge” and be the one to handle that particular cross-examination. It is believed that Himman was at the center of the whole ‘regulatory pass’ that Ethereum might have gotten from the SEC. 

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Meanwhile, Deaton stated he is confident of getting Nerayoff on Crypto Law when he is “ready” to reveal the truth about everything that happened between the SEC and Ethereum. While he is unsure whether or not people will be held accountable (as the statute of limitation may apply to certain charges), Deaton is confident that the truth will come out and “we are getting closer” to it.

Nerayoff also tweeted in support of Deaton’s broadcast and stated that he looks forward to “the real truth coming out.” In response, Deaton stated that he was inviting Ethereum’s founders Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin, alongside Nerayoff, to come on live where “nothing can be cut or manipulated, and we will get to the truth.”

Two Other Announcements

Just as he had hinted before the big announcement, Deaton had something to say about the XRP Ledger. He revealed that he was joining the SpendTheBits team as an angel investor. SpendTheBits is a crypto mobile payment app built on the XRP Ledger. Deaton stated that he is excited to be part of what the founders are building. 

The third announcement was about his Memoir, which he was finally launching after four years of writing. The book “Food Stamp Warrior” discusses “all the things we’re not supposed to talk about nowadays,” including poverty, violence, drugs, sex, addiction, abuse, and race. Deaton also pointed out that he talked about the “clown regulators” at the SEC in the book. 

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