Anker 747 150W GaNPrime Charger Promo Image

Anker is the don when it comes to charging accessories, and the Anker 747 150W GaNPrime Charger is among its top-tier options. It’s a great investment if you’ve got a number of devices that need powering up in double-quick time. That’s especially true today, with the wall charger at its lowest price ever of $79.99.

Anker 747 150W GaNPrime Charger for $79.99 ($30 off)

The Anker 747 can deliver high-speed charging to two laptops simultaneously or four devices in total with its 150W output. Remarkably compact, it’s 38% smaller than comparable capacity chargers without compromising on power. If you’ve got a cluttered power outlet, this can be a game-changer. It also features a single USB-C port that can provide up to 100W for a swift boost to your most power-hungry tech.

The charger incorporates ActiveShield 2.0 technology, which conducts over three million temperature checks daily to adjust power output, ensuring device safety and optimal charging. By utilizing GaN technology, it not only offers efficient charging but also promotes energy conservation. A 24-month warranty and access to customer service should add to your peace of mind.

Deals on the Anker 747 150W GaNPrime Charger tend not to last long, so hit the widget above to check it out for yourself.