The more points you earn the more IRL chicken you get.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), the popular American fast food chain, has launched a VR game in Hong Kong, China that transported players to a KFC-inspired world where they could earn real-world fried chicken by completing virtual objectives.

The “Bucketverse VR” experience immersed players in a delicious-looking world inspired by modern-day Hong Kong in which they were tasked with collecting virtual fried chicken. The more digital poultry they collected, the more real-world chicken they earned. According to the company, players had the potential to bank a $60 KFC cash voucher as a gift.

Credit: KFC

“We want to invite Hong Kongers into another dimension to take a brief break from hectic city life and embrace a world of creativity and fun,” said Ms. Janet Lau, the marketing director for KFC Hong Kong. “Everyone deserves a Krispy Break, and through this campaign, we hope to show how the KFC brand is here to provide exactly that.”

“The game is designed to be fun-filled and slightly addictive – much like KFC’s delicious fried chicken,” added Amy Cheng, creative director at Edelman. “It’s great when a brand actively asks for innovative ideas outside of traditional communications, and the Bucketverse is a demonstration of this… Our partnership with KFC keeps welcoming different ideas and we hope this new form of Finger Lickin’ Goodness amplifies their brand promise to more fried chicken lovers around the city.”

Credit: KFC

The KFC “Bucketverse VR” experience was available at Hysan Place, Causeway Bay, in Hong Kong, China for a limited time. For more information about KFC’s past immersive offerings visit here.

Feature Image Credit: KFC