If you’ve been waiting for the right time to update your phone service, we’ve got some good news for you: the Verizon-owned wireless carrier Visible just launched a deal that’ll take $10 off the Visible Plus plan every month when you use the code HAPPY. To be extra clear, I’m not talking about a $10 discount for one month or even one year; nope, this $10 off the Visible Plus plan will last for as long as you keep the service active (or until Visible notifies you that the rate is being discontinued).

Considering that we’re talking about our top pick for the best wireless plans that money can buy, this is no small feat. The only catch is that the deal is ONLY available today, February 15th. Once the clock strikes midnight EST tonight, the $10 off deal will be gone for good. 

The Verizon-owned MVNO-esque carrier offers two plans, Visible Basic for $25 per month and Visible Plus for $45 per month. Both plans give you excellent coverage from Verizon, you can cancel at any time, and taxes and fees are included right there in the price. Thanks to 5G Ultra Wideband, signing up for the Visible Plus plan also ensures that you won’t get deprioritized if the network becomes busy, which is typically the main issue that users have with MVNOs. Pair that with an unlimited mobile hotspot and a ton of international benefits, and you’re essentially getting the mainstream carrier experience at a prepaid carrier price. 

This flash deal is going fast, so if you missed this opportunity to save $10 on your phone bill every month, check out our guide to the best Visible deals to see what else is out there.