The “playful track-building” game is scheduled to arrive later this year.

Developer Something Random this week announced Toy Trains, a new VR game coming soon to major VR platforms. Described as a “playful track-building VR game,” this nostalgia-inducing experience allows you to craft complex virtual railways and solve open-ended puzzles using your motion controllers.

Each board features a variety of open-ended challenges to overcome and multiple solutions to discover. Once you’ve “solved” a board, you’re then free to customize your space with various decorations and interact with the water or trees. According to the developer, there are no time limits, so you’re free to solve puzzles at your own relaxing pace.

“In a world where vintage toys and forgotten treasures spring to life, prepare to embark on a remarkable journey to an imaginative realm where the familiar clink of tracks and the echoes of laughter from yesteryears come together in a symphony of creativity and exploration. It’s all about imagination, logical thinking, having fun, and… trains!” states Something Random in an official release.

Credit: Something Random

“Open a long forgotten, dusty suitcase in your grandpa’s attic, rediscover your old toys and even older memories. As soon as you start playing, it’s both rails and memories that start to click together. In this creative space, where all depends on you, you can feel child-like joy and fulfillment of building tracks and solving brain teasers.”

Toy Trains is scheduled to launch in Q4 2023 on Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 3 (via App Lab), and PC VR via Steam followed by PlayStation VR2 and Pico headsets at a later date. Those lucky enough to be attending Gamescom 2023 can try the game out for themselves over at Hall 10.2 – Booth E040.

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Feature Image Credit: Something Random