What you need to know

  • Google is starting to ramp up its I/O 2024 teaser machine by introducing a new puzzle to discover the date.
  • The puzzle requires users to place pieces of track for a marble to get it to the finish line.
  • Users can track the progress of the community progress bar. Once we’ve completed enough puzzles, the official date for I/O 2024 will be revealed.

We’re crossing over the midway point in March, and Google is starting to tease its upcoming I/O 2024 event.

Google’s latest I/O teaser on X is accompanied by a colorful puzzle that users can complete to discover the date of its upcoming event. The company is calling on anyone and everyone to complete its latest puzzle, which is filled with twists and turns as it moves along the progress bar.

Once completed, the I/O 2024 date will be revealed.

Google’s puzzle this year involves creating a path for a little marble to roll across until it reaches the end (the finish line). There are fifteen puzzles in total users can complete, and doing so will push along that progress bar to reveal I/O’s date.

Users can use their WASD keys if they’re on a desktop to select a piece of track from the pile to place (using spacebar) on the puzzle to the right. Similarly, you can drag your pieces using your mouse.

Once your pieces are all set, and you’re certain your path will get the marble to the end, Google will prompt you to “run” it. The previously flat puzzle turns 3D as you watch the marble roll along until it crosses the finish line, which springs up, spouting celebratory confetti everywhere.

Users can then continue on to the next puzzle, furthering the community’s progress.

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At the time of writing, the I/O 2024 puzzle is nearly one-third of the way toward completion. So, we’re likely a few hours away before the community can rally together with a much stronger presence to complete the task. Users can click “I’d rather observe” on the I/O teaser page to view this progress bar.

This year’s I/O teaser is relatively straightforward, unlike the one last year, which left people scratching their heads. Speaking of, the date revealed last time was on May 10, to be specific. Google usually holds its I/O events around May, so it’s not insane to think we’re looking at that happening again.

The only question is when its event will take place, so we need to get those marbles to the finish line.