The Samsung Galaxy S24 series has arrived. However, just like the previous generation Galaxy S23 series, all models of the Galaxy S24 do not come with a microSD card storage expansion slot. While there are some useful additions throughout the lineup, such as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, Corning’s Gorilla Glass Armor display in S24 Ultra, and useful AI features, the lack of storage expansion could disappoint some potential buyers.

Thankfully, Samsung provides various storage options across the S24 series to cater to different user needs. So, whether you’re eyeing the standard Samsung Galaxy S24, the mid-tier S24 Plus, or the high-end Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, and you’re unsure about which storage capacity to go for, here we will explore all the storage variants and make your decision-making process easier.

What are the storage options on the table?

Before we help you decide on the right storage model, let’s take a look at the storage options available for each model in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. This time around, the company has retained the same storage offerings for each variant. This means, for the Galaxy S24, you can choose between 128GB and 256GB storage options.

Similar to the Galaxy S23+, the Galaxy S24 Plus is available in 256GB and 512GB variants. The S24 Ultra also starts with a minimum of 256GB storage and goes all the way up to 512GB and even 1TB options. To make things easier for you, here’s a table showing you all the Galaxy S24 storage variants and their prices:






Galaxy S24



Galaxy S24+



Galaxy S24 Ultra





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Which Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+, or S24 Ultra storage size should you buy?

Now, before you select the right storage capacity for your Samsung Galaxy S24, it’s important to first make a decision about which S24 series smartphone suits your needs — whether it’s the standard S24, the mid-tier S24+, or the premium S24 Ultra. If you’re unsure, our sister website, XDA-Developers, has an excellent in-depth guide explaining the pros and cons of each model.

Overall, you should know that the S24 series is a more refined version of the Galaxy S23 series. The S24 Ultra has a sturdier titanium build now and even comes with an anti-reflective Gorilla Glass Armor display. The S24+ offers everything that the S24 has but comes with a larger screen and battery. Once you’ve figured out which Galaxy S24 series phone is best for you, read along to know what is the ideal storage option for you.

If you’re going with the Samsung Galaxy S24

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is available in only two storage models: 128GB and 256GB. While we were hoping Samsung would give this model an S23 Plus-like makeover (by upgrading the base storage to 256GB), that isn’t the case. So, your options are limited to 128GB or 256GB.

While 128GB storage is sufficient for many users, it is worth noting that apps and games are getting larger every day, and even if you click photos occasionally, the 128GB variant may fall short. For those who use their phones heavily and need ample storage, 256GB is the recommended option.

It is worth noting that Samsung is currently offering the 256GB model for the same price as the 128GB, making it a sensible choice. Even if this offer weren’t available, the 256GB model is only $60 more, and it’s well worth the investment, considering you’ll be using your device for taking photos, recording videos, playing games, and more.

Galaxy S24 Black pbi

Samsung Galaxy S24

Recommended Storage Size: 256GB

Samsung Galaxy S24 is the latest compact flagship from the brand. It ships with a 6.2-inch AMOLED display, a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, a reliable triple camera setup, and plenty of useful AI features, including a magic photo editor, Circle to Search, and more.

If you’re going with the Samsung Galaxy S24+

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Now, this is where things get interesting, as the Galaxy S24+ is available with a base model storage of 256GB, and you also have the option to upgrade the storage to 512GB for an extra $119. Now, even if you’re someone who takes plenty of photos and videos, downloads a lot of apps, and enjoys gaming on your smartphone, the 256GB storage should serve you well. Plus, the $119 difference between the two storage options is quite substantial, making the 256GB model the more sensible choice. You can even put those saved dollars toward accessories like a protective case or earbuds.

However, if you’re viewing your Galaxy S24+ as a long-term investment and want to ensure your phone has ample storage for years to come, the 512GB option might be the better bet. Ultimately, the right storage capacity depends on your personal needs and if you’re a power user. But, for now, we recommend you to go with the 512GB variant as similar to the Galaxy S24, you can get the higher storage model, which is 512GB in this case, for the price of 256GB, making it an obvious choice.

s24 plus pbi

Samsung Galaxy S24+

Recommended Storage Size: 256GB

$1000 $1120 Save $120

Samsung Galaxy S24+ ships with a 6.7-inch AMOLED display, a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, and a reliable triple camera setup that can capture moments. It also packages several AI features, including a generative AI-based photo editor and other useful implementations.

If you’re going with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Now, if you’re considering purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, it’s likely because you’re willing to invest over $1000 in a smartphone with plans to use it for the long haul. After all, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra offers the best features, such as a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in all regions, a durable build, a built-in S-Pen, and the best camera setup of all the models.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is available in three storage options: 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. Now, if you plan to use your S24 Ultra only for a year or two, the 256GB variant should be enough. However, if you intend to make the most of this device, opting for the 512GB model would be a better choice. And right now, you can get the 512GB model at the price of the 256GB variant.

You could consider the 1TB option if you’re an extremely heavy user who takes a lot (and I mean a lot!) of photos and videos. However, be prepared for a hefty extra charge of $340 compared to the base variant, which is quite substantial. Instead of spending money on the 1TB variant, we recommend you choose the 512GB variant and buy an external USB-C storage device for your phone. This will, in the end, save you more money than paying $1,659 for the 1TB variant of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Recommended Storage Size: 512GB

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra features a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip with up to 1TB of storage, and a quad camera setup. The phone comes with Galaxy AI, bringing new advanced features to the table.