7 Free Harvard University Courses to Advance Your Skills
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Are you looking to upskill in 2024? Maybe you want to learn more about computer science and see what the hype around the tech world is. Maybe learn the most popular programming language Python? Or transition into something more niche, for example, gaming or cyber security. 

In this blog, I will go through X FREE courses with Harvard University to kickstart your tech career!



Link: CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

A free 12-week course, which can be completed if you commit 6–18 hours per week that introduces you to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming. This entry-level course will teach you how to put an algorithmic hat on and solve problems efficiently.

You will learn about algorithms, data structures, software engineering, and web development as well as programming languages such as C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript.



Link: CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

A free 7-week course, which can be completed if you commit 10–30 hours per week that dives into the concepts and algorithms of modern artificial intelligence. You will learn about the different elements of artificial intelligence such as graph search algorithms, probability theory, Bayesian networks, machine learning, reinforcement learning, neural networks, and natural language processing

With hands-on projects and an understanding of this artificial intelligence theory, you will be able to incorporate them into your own Python programs.



Link: Data Science: Machine Learning

A free 8-week course, which can be completed if you commit 2–4 hours per week where you will learn popular machine learning algorithms, principal component analysis, and regularization by building a movie recommendation system. In this course, you will learn about training data, predictive relationships through data, how to train algorithms, overtraining and techniques to avoid it.

Learn the fundamentals of machine learning in 8 weeks – or less!



Link: Data Science: Productivity Tools

A free 8-week course, which can be completed if you commit 1–2 hours per week will guide you on how to keep your data analysis project organised and enjoyable through using productivity tools. There are many parts to a data analysis project, therefore it is important to know these tools to keep you on top of the project and avoid challenges. 

Learn how to use tools such as Unix/Linux to manage files and directories, and version control systems such as git to track changes in your scripts and reports.



Link: CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript

A free 12-week course, which can be completed if you commit 6–9 hours per week picks up where CS50 ends. If you’re looking to enter the tech industry but you’re more interested in the design and implementation of web apps – this entry-level course is for you. You will learn about different aspects of web programming such as database design, security, and user experience. 

With this knowledge, you will then go into hands-on projects where you will put your knowledge to the test and write and use APIs, as well as create interactive UIs.



Link: CS50’s Introduction to Game Development

More into gaming? Look no further, this free 12-week course, which can be completed if you commit 6–9 hours per week dives into learning about the development of 2D and 3D interactive games such as Super Mario Bros., Pokémon, and more. You will learn about 2D and 3D graphics, animation, sound, and collision detection using popular frameworks as well as languages like Lua and C#.

Programme your own game, relive your childhood and learn a new skill on the way!



Link: CS50’s Introduction to Cybersecurity

This free 5-week course, which can be completed if you commit 2-6 hours per week provides an introduction to cybersecurity for technical and non-technical audiences. In this course, you will learn how to protect your own data, devices, and systems from today’s threats as well as be able to recognize and evaluate tomorrow’s threats. This course should be crucial for everybody as these measures apply both at home and at work. 

The assignments have been inspired by real-world events, giving you a range of both high-level and low-level examples of threats.



7 FREE courses with Harvard University to kickstart your tech career. A wide range of courses regardless of where you want to start or end up, these courses will equip you with the skills to start something great and not look back!

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