Abridge & NVIDIA Partner to Supercharge AI-powered Clinical Documentation

What You Should Know:

Abridge, a leader in generative AI for healthcare documentation forms a strategic collaboration with NVIDIA to leverage NVIDIA’s cutting-edge technology and expertise to significantly improve clinician workflows and patient care through AI-powered solutions.

– Abridge also secured an investment from NVentures, NVIDIA’s venture capital arm, further solidifying their commitment to revolutionizing healthcare documentation

Unearthing a Sea of Lost Information

Daily, millions of healthcare professionals in the US engage in patient consultations. However, most of these crucial conversations are absent from medical records. Abridge identified this vast, untapped resource – the “oceans of missing data” – as an opportunity for AI to revolutionize healthcare.

Their AI systems can structure this information, automating tedious clerical tasks that burden clinicians, while simultaneously generating valuable insights to inform patient care. As Abridge’s solution gains traction across the US, achieving this ambitious goal necessitates both innovative methods and intelligent deployment of computing power.

The Power of Collaboration: Streamlining AI for Real-World Use

The Abridge and NVIDIA collaboration tackles these challenges head-on. By working together, they aim to:

  • Advance AI Technologies for Seamless Documentation: From raw audio recordings in noisy environments to meticulously detailed medical records, Abridge requires a seamless collaboration of various AI technologies. This includes real-time language identification, transcription, alignment, and summarization of relevant medical information.
  • Efficient Production Deployment: Deploying these AI models efficiently for nationwide use by clinicians is crucial. Abridge leverages NVIDIA’s cutting-edge technologies like NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM and the NVIDIA AI Enterprise platform to ensure smooth large-scale AI inferencing.

The collaboration between Abridge and NVIDIA paves the way for a future where AI streamlines clinical documentation, unlocks valuable insights from patient interactions, and ultimately empowers healthcare professionals to deliver better care.

“We are thrilled to work with NVIDIA to elevate our research efforts. This collaboration will help us to redefine the possibilities for clinically specialized foundation models, advance medical speech and language technology, and innovate in the space of responsible AI,” said Zachary Lipton, Chief Technology and Scientific Officer of Abridge and the Raj Reddy Assistant Professor of Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University. “We’re also working with NVIDIA on core research efforts and plan to explore novel collaborative research in healthcare applications that could improve the lives of clinicians and patients every day.”

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