What You Should Know:

Ambience Healthcare, the leading AI operating system for healthcare organizations, announced a $70M Series B funding round co-led by Kleiner Perkins and OpenAI Startup Fund.

– This funding comes on the heels of Ambience’s rapid commercial success, with deployments at major healthcare systems like UCSF, Memorial Hermann, and John Muir Health.

Breaking Down Silos and Improving Efficiency

Ambience’s platform approach fosters collaboration and breaks down silos within healthcare organizations. This holistic view, encompassing clinical documentation, coding & billing, and other crucial functions, empowers healthcare systems to optimize operations and financial performance. Unlike “one-size-fits-all” approaches, Ambience’s AI platform is meticulously designed for each clinical specialty. This ensures seamless integration into existing workflows and addresses specific challenges faced by different departments.

Ambience AI Operating System key offerings include:

  • AutoScribe: Real-time medical scribe generating comprehensive notes across specialties.
  • AutoCDI: Point-of-care CDI assistant ensuring accurate coding and documentation.
  • AutoRefer: AI-powered tool composing referral letters for efficient consultations.
  • AutoAVS: Creates personalized, multilingual after-visit summaries for patients.
  • AutoPrep (coming soon): Provides intelligent pre-charting with context and suggestions.

Expansion Plans

Ambience plans to use the funding to:

  • Accelerate product development: Expanding their AI applications and capabilities.
  • Build dedicated partner teams: Providing deeper support to health systems.
  • Advance AI foundation models: Pushing the boundaries of AI for healthcare.
  • Open allocation for strategic partnerships: Collaborating with leaders like Memorial Hermann.