If you’ve been waiting for a MagSafe power bank that can actually dish out full 15W speeds, Anker has finally delivered. The newest addition to its MagGo lineup launched in January with Qi2 tech, and I have been daily driving it with my iPhone 15 Pro.

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Hands-on with Anker’s 10,000mAh Qi2 power bank

Anker just started off the year with its first collection of Qi2 chargers. I’ve slowly been reviewing the batch, and today, I am now moving over to the lineup’s flagship portable battery. The new Anker MagGo Power Bank with Qi2 comes centered around a 10,000mAh battery with tons of other frills that make it one of the more capable iPhone 15 companions out there.

The real star of the show is the 15W MagSafe output, which can charge up all of Apple’s smartphones with the same power as you’d find on a desktop charger. It’s one of the very first models with this feature to begin shipping. The newest MagGo Power Bank also pairs its Qi2 spec with a built-in kickstand on the back, as well as a display mounted on the side for monitoring charging speeds. But does all of that justify its $90 tag? That’s what this review is all about.

Here’s a closer look at the spec sheet:

  • Embrace the convenience of 15W wireless charging that comes with the assurance of Qi2 certification for fast, secure, and efficient power boosts. 
  • Enjoy 15W ultra-fast wireless charging and power up your devices 2X faster.
  • From battery percentages to full recharge times, the intuitive smart screen ensures you’re always updated. 
  • With a powerful 10,000mAh, secure 1.8 charges for your iPhone 15 Pro
  • Enjoy hands-free viewing with the built-in stand.

9to5Toys’ Take

I’ve been using Anker’s new Qi2 MagGo Power Bank for the past month. I bought this one for myself after having Anker send some of its other releases in the Qi2 lineup back in January.

One of the bigger selling points to Qi2 is that it should bring down pricing over time. That sentiment hasn’t fully sunk in yet, at least not if you ask Anker. In all of the reviews of its newest MagGo devices, I’ve noted that the company is sticking to its usual focus and just making quality gadgets. The 10,000mAh Qi2 MagSafe power bank continues to embody that, if you couldn’t tell from the steep $90 price tag.

This is actually Anker’s most expensive MagSafe power bank to date, clocking in well above what some of its original 7.5W models did. The most basic conclusion I have come to is that the 15W speeds make this an easy recommendation just for being able to actually top off my iPhone 15 without taking forever. Paying the extra $20 over the MSRP of Anker’s first 10,000mAh battery with kickstand is a no-brainer for me – and I can actually say that considering I forked over my own cash for this one.

The more nuanced reasons why I can recommend the Qi2 MagSafe power bank is that Anker has packed just about every feature I could ask for into it. There’s the kickstand, which has a solid metal build, as well as the handy display on the side. It has a USB-C port on the side so that you can still use it as a kickstand while it recharges, with a premium build to round out the whole package. I love the stand in particular, because it enables the charger to also be a portable StandBy dock.

It isn’t perfect, though. The design means that it is still going to get a little warm when charging your iPhone. For a quick test, I grabbed one of the original 7.5W models from Anker to compare. The newer 15W model certainly doesn’t get anywhere near as hot, but it’s still noticeable. Not a dealbreaker or anything, but it’s something I always inevitably get asked. If you’re looking for a power bank that attempts to solve the heat issues, I walked away quite impressed with Anker’s new 6,600mAh battery that doubles down on the stand features.

After carrying this around in my bag for the past month, I am definitely sold on the $90 price tag. It’s a close call for sure, but anyone who has been yearning for a true 15W MagSafe power bank for years will likely be in the same boat as me. Any discounts are only going to make it a better buy. I do hope we get a slim version at some point that relies on a 5,000mAh battery, but for now, this is easily my favorite release from Anker’s new Qi2 lineup.

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