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  • Apple could lay the groundwork for an AI app store in June.
  • The storefront could exclusively offer AI apps made by Apple and others.
  • The announcement of Apple’s AI app store could happen at WWDC 2024.

The Apple camp has been pretty silent about smartphone AI so far, but that’s all about to change come iOS 18 and WWDC 2024 — Apple’s annual developer conference. Not only is Apple expected to announce new AI features with the new iOS version, but it’s also said to be in talks with various companies, including Google, to incorporate their AI models into iPhones.

Now, a new research note suggests Apple could also be planning to reveal a whole new AI app store in June, the same month it traditionally holds its WWDC event. Speaking to CNBC, Ben Reitzes, head of technology research at Melius Research, said that Apple is not really behind in the AI race.

“I think you have to go back in time and realize this company has a history of convincing a lot of leaders to make apps or do something with them while they perfect the ecosystem for which it’s consumed,” he said, citing the example of how Steve Jobs “ran around talking to a bunch of the music companies saying, hey, look, we got this vision for a dollar a song, and lo and behold, iTunes saved the music industry.”

Reitzes went on to say that June is when Apple could start laying the groundwork for this new kind of app store “for how it’s going to work with AI” and “how you can buy AI apps through the app store.”

“I’m sure Apple will have their own apps. As usual, an AI assistant. Hopefully, they will upgrade Siri, which is probably needed. And then we’ll start to see how this could flow through to the services line,” Reitzes commented.

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While we’ve seen an increasing number of Android players like Google, Samsung, and others start to offer new AI features on their smartphones, a dedicated app store for AI apps would be an industry first. WWDC dates for this year have not yet been announced but we’re keen to see what Apple has in store and how Android phone makers will react to Cupertino’s announcements.