A Daft Punk music pack is coming to Beat Saber next week on all platforms.

Presently, there’s little else we can glean from this Beat Saber teaser beyond the fact that it’s happening. While “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” can be heard in the trailer, no further details were announced about what else is coming in the Daft Punk music pack. “Stay tuned for the full track reveal at launch on March 7,” confirms Meta.

Beat Saber’s latest DLC announcement follows on from December’s free OST 6 update. Adding five free songs from Lindsey Stirling, Dragonforce, Camellia and more, that update also introduced an experimental performance toggle that lets you pick 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate on Quest 3.

This isn’t the only Beat Saber news we’ve seen today, either. Yesterday, Beat Games’ two remaining co-founders, creative director Ján Ilavský and CEO Vladimír Hrinčár, both stepped down from the studio. While Ilavský confirmed he’d “like to return to my roots: working on innovative games,” Hrinčár didn’t specify his reasons, and it’s currently unknown who will succeed them.

The Daft Punk Music Pack DLC reaches Beat Saber on March 7 on Quest, PC VR and PlayStation VR2.

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