We collected the best silicon, slim, clear, lightweight, and colorful cases we could find on Amazon to protect your Google Pixel 8.

The Google Pixel 8 is one of the best entry-level flagships you can buy in 2024. With the new, refined design, powerful Tensor G3 chipset, improved cameras, and a better-looking and brighter display, the Pixel 8 offers a lot more for its price.

If you recently got the Pixel 8 and want to secure your investment for years to come, you should probably slap a protective case on it. Thankfully, there is a plethora of cases available out there for the Pixel 8: from clear cases to thin light cases to rugged cases, you have plenty of options. In this article, we have rounded up the best cases you can buy for the Pixel 8.

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Best cases for Google Pixel 8 in 2024

  • pbi-Google Pixel Case (Pixel 8)
    Official Google Pixel 8 case

    Made by Google

    The official Made by Google case is available in four unique colors, each offering matching looks for each different Pixel 8 smartphone. The case is made of PC and silicone, and improves ergonomics while protecting the device from scratches and scuffs.

  • supcase-ub-pro-pixel-8-pro
    Supcase UB Pro for Google Pixel 8

    Promoted Pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    The best rugged case you can buy for the Pixel 8 is the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro (UBP). It protects the phone from all the sides and allows access to all ports. It comes with a built-in belt clip, kickstand, and even a screen protector, offering excellent value for the price.

  • pbi-Spigen Liquid Air Armor (Pixel 8)
    Spigen Liquid Air Armor (Pixel 8)

    Liquid Air Armor

    $17 $30 Save $13

    The Spigen Liquid Air Armor is made from TPU and is highly durable. It protects the Pixel 8 from drops and scratches, and the matte textured back provides a non-slip grip for a more ergonomic experience. The case comes in three colors.

  • pbi-CASETiFY Impact (Pixel 8)
    CASETiFY Impact (Pixel 8)

    Customizable & Stylish

    If you’re looking for a case with endless customization options, the CASETiFY Impact series is your best choice. It features 8.2ft drop protection, wireless charging compatibility, and MIL-STD-810G certification.

  • pbi-dbrand Grip (Pixel 8)
    dbrand Grip (Pixel 8)

    Premium Pick

    The dbrand grip case is slim, and improves the grip. It offers excellent overall protection and is customizable with more than 20 different skins that you can apply and switch to your preference. There are also elevated bezels to protect the display and camera from scratches and cracks.

  • pbi-OtterBox Symmetry (Pixel 8)
    OtterBox Symmetry (Pixel 8)

    Premium & Transparent

    $34 $50 Save $16

    The OtterBox Symmetry Clear case features a seamless, transparent design, and it’s been tested against the MIL-STD-810G standard. The case provides excellent and durable protection against drops, bumps, and scratches, and the elevated bezels can protect the display from cracks and deeper scratches. 

  • pbi-Spigen Ultra Hybrid (Pixel 8)
    Spigen Ultra Hybrid (Pixel 8)

    Ultra Hybrid

    $16 $35 Save $19

    The Spigen Ultra Hybrid features a transparent, clear case, and it has an anti-yellowing coating to prevent any discoloration. It’s made from a hybrid technology that is made from a TPU bumper with a durable PC back, and it lets you show off the Pixel 8’s design.

  • Foluu pixel 8 case
    Foluu Silicone Case for Pixel 8

    Best Affordable Silicone Cass

    If you’re looking for an affordable silicone case for the Pixel 8, Foluu has got you covered. This slim-fit case offers a comfortable and grippy material as well as raised edges to protect the screen and camera visor. What’s best about this case is that it offers a lifetime warranty.

  • pbi-totallee Clear (Pixel 8)
    totallee Clear (Pixel 8)

    Thin & Clear

    $10 $18 Save $8

    The totallee clear case is fully transparent, offers extra grip, and slim. It’s perfect for everyday use and regular commuters, and those who are looking for great all-around protection in a thin package.

  • pbi-TUDIA DualShield Grip (Pixel 8)
    TUDIA DualShield Grip (Pixel 8)

    Rugged & Minimalist

    $16 $19 Save $3

    The TUDIA DualShield case offers a sleek and secure fit. It’s a rugged case with a compact and slim design, and it has raised lips and edges to protect the camera and the screen from bumps, scratches, and drops. It’s available in six colors, and it improves the grip and supports wireless charging. 

  • pbi-i-blason Armorbox (Pixel 8)
    i-blason Armorbox (Pixel 8)

    Promoted Pick

    In partnership with i-Blason

    The i-Blason Armorbox is rugged, sturdy, and quiet slim, considering the overall protection it offers. It has a built-in screen protector and a belt clip, offering a perfect all-in-one package. It’s available in four unique colors, matching the gorgeous looks of the Pixel 8.

  • pbi-Spigen Thin Fit (Pixel 8)
    Spigen Thin Fit (Pixel 8)

    Thin Design

    $18 $30 Save $12

    The Thin Fit case has a hybrid structure of PC and TPU with Air Cushion technology. It’s a durable, thin, light case with a premium matte finish coating. It has tactile buttons, precise cutouts, and elevated bezels for extra protection.

  • pbi-totallee Thin (Pixel 8)
    totallee Thin (Pixel 8)

    Thin & Light

    $10 $18 Save $8

    Similar to the Clear case from totallee, the Thin case is slim, light, and offers excellent overall protection against scratches and fall damage. It has raised bezels, a compact for factor, and it provides great overall protection for the display and rear camera setup.

  • pbi-TORRO Leather (Pixel 8)
    TORRO Leather (Pixel 8)

    Leather Cover

    The TORRO Leather case feels premium and elegant. If you’re after a luxurious feel that offers excellent shock protection and the ability to store up to three credit cards or IDs.

  • pbi-TORRAS Magnetic (Pixel 8)
    TORRAS Magnetic (Pixel 8)


    The TORRAS Magnetic case is compatible with MagSafe. It’s been 12ft drop tested to ensure it can take a beating, and it provides excellent overall protection from drops and scratches. The magnetic back also acts as a kickstand, making it easy to watch movies and mount to docks.

  • pbi-Crave Dual Guard (Pixel 8)
    Crave Dual Guard (Pixel 8)


    The Crave Dual Guard is colorful, and protects the device from all angles. The extra bezel protects the display and camera bump on the back from scratches and falls, and the tactile buttons provide more feedback for an enhanced experience. The case comes in nine colors, and with a lifetime warranty.

  • pbi-TUDIA MergeGrip (Pixel 8)
    TUDIA MergeGrip (Pixel 8)

    MagSafe compatible

    The TUDIA MergeGrip is available in six colors. It’s military-grade certified and has dual-layer protection against drops and scratches. The raised lips protect the screen and camera from damage, and the case has a tactile button, precise cutouts, and support for wireless chargers.

  • UAG case Pixel 8
    UAG case for Google Pixel 8

    Rugged Case with Great Grip

    If you’re after a premium rugged case, Urban Armor Gear offers an excellent option. It has a scratch-resistant body as well as raised edges to protect your camera and display. It offers easy access to buttons and port all while supporting wireless charging.

  • pbi-Caseology Nano Pop (Pixel 8)
    Caseology Nano Pop (Pixel 8)

    Slim & Light

    $17 $30 Save $13

    The Caseology Nano Pop is made of silicone, and it comes in a two-tone color, giving the Pixel 8 a sporty and playful look. It’s slim, lightweight, and provides excellent overall protection against falls and scuffs. 

  • pbi-Caseology Parallax (Pixel 8)
    Caseology Parallax (Pixel 8)

    Hexa Cube Design

    $17 $30 Save $13

    The Caseology Parallax case is available in three colors, and comes with a 3D hexa cube design that improves the ergonomics with textured TPU grip on both sides. It’s military-grade protected with elevated bezels, and it’s ideal for those looking for something more unique.

  • pbi-TAURI 5-in-1 (Pixel 8)
    TAURI 5-in-1 (Pixel 8)


    $15 $18 Save $3

    The TAURI 5-in1 case, as the name implies, offers a lot of value for money. The clear case comes with two tempered glass screen protectors, and two camera lens protectors that prevent scratches and scuffs on the sensors.

  • Ringke case pixel 8
    Ringke Onyx for Pixel 8

    Premium Case at Affordable Price

    If you’re looking for a Pixel 8 case that offers a premium feel and grip all while carrying an affordable price tag, the Ringke Onyx case is the best option for you. It offers a lightweight flexible TPU material and support wireless charging as well.

  • Peak Design Pixel 8
    Peak Design’s Everyday Case for Google Pixel 8

    Premium Case with Fabric-like Feel

    The Peak Design Everyday is a premium case for Pixel 8 that also offers MagSafe wireless charging. It has a super slim 2.4mm profile and offers a rubberized back with up to 6 feet of drop protection. It is available in five different colors and is arguably one of the best cases you can buy for Pixel 8.

  • tinywow_change_bg_photo_37107502
    Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Pixel 8 Pro

    Best Clear Case

    $16 $35 Save $19

    The Google Pixel 8 Pro comes in a lot of fun colors, and if you want to flaunt your phone’s back, then you should consider getting the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. This case is made of PC and TPU for durability and features military-grade drop protection.

Which Pixel 8 case is best for you?


Google-made case for the Pixel 8, Source: Google

Whether you’re looking for a slim and light case, a transparent one, or one that gives you more grip, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the cases above and choose a case. All of the above cases will provide great protection against shock damage, and prevent scratches on the display and the rear camera setup.

In case you’re having a hard time picking, here are a few recommendations. If you’re looking for an extra grippy case that improves the ergonomics, the dbrand Grip might be a great option. It also lets you install dbrand’s skins for even more customization options. On the other hand, if you want the best rugged protection, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro is one of the best cases you can buy. It not only protects your Pixel 8 from all the sides but also offers a kickstand for hands-free viewing, built-in screen protection, and more.

On the other hand, if you want a customizable rugged case, CASETiFY offers an enormous selection of unique cases, allowing you to fully personalize your experience. On the other hand, if you want an affordable case that offers a slim design and a grippy feel, Foluu’s silicone case has you covered. Finally, if you want a simple case that offers a simple design and works best with your Pixel 8, Google’s own case is perfect for you.

Google Pixel 8 pbi
Google Pixel 8

$549 $699 Save $150

The Google Pixel 8 features a 6.2-inch display with adaptive refresh rate (up to 120Hz). It also ships with the improved Google Tensor G3 and a 4,575 mAh cell that will allow for all-day use. And if you enjoy capturing images on your smartphone, its cameras, enhanced by AI will help capture the best moment in your life.