We’ve collected the best rugged, colorful, slim, lightweight, and transparent cases you can buy right now for the OnePlus 12.

The OnePlus 12 was unveiled on January 23, 2024, alongside the OnePlus 12R. The new flagship is equipped with the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset with up to 24GB of memory and 1TB of storage. It has a large battery, fast charging, and a very capable rear camera setup that can capture beautiful photos in all lighting conditions.

The OnePlus 12 comes with a 6.8-inch AMOLED display, and if you want to prevent scratches or, worse, cracks and dents, it’s best that you use a case to protect your investment. While the OnePlus 12 undercuts other well-known flagships, it’s still an expensive device, and a $20 case could save you hundreds of dollars of repair costs, improving your chance to retain the value and the condition for longer and higher.


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The Best Cases for OnePlus 12

  • pbi-OnePlus Aramid Fiber (OnePlus 12)

    OnePlus Aramid Fiber (OnePlus 12)

    Made by OnePlus

    The OnePlus Aramid Fiber case is made by OnePlus, specifically for the OnePlus 12. It’s lightweight, looks and feels premium, and made to last. It’ll provide a slim fit and excellent overall protection from everyday wear and tear.

  • pbi-OnePlus Sandstone Bumper (OnePlus 12)

    OnePlus Sandstone Bumper (OnePlus 12)

    Made by OnePlus

    The OnePlus Sandstone Bumper case is made by OnePlus, and it’s a slim, lightweight, and premium case. It features the classic Sandstone design, and it prevents slipping, improving ergonomics and grip.

  • pbi-Spigen Liquid Air (OnePlus 12)

    Spigen Liquid Air (OnePlus 12)

    Liquid Air

    The Spigen Liquid Air offers an excellent level of protection against scratches and dents. It has a matte textured back with a non-slip grip, raised edges, and support for wireless charging. It’s great for those looking for something minimal and affordable.

  • pbi-TUDIA DualShield Grip (OnePlus 12)

    TUDIA DualShield Grip (OnePlus 12)


    The TUDIA DualShield Grip, as the name suggests, is grippy, and offers a dual-layer design for even more protection. It comes in five unique colors, and it has precise cutouts, raised bezels, and support for wireless chargers.

  • pbi-Poetic Revolution (OnePlus 12)

    Poetic Revolution (OnePlus 12)

    Rugged Protection

    The Poetic Revolution is a sturdy, rugged case. It’s 20ft drop tested to ensure it can take a beating, and it comes with a kickstand, built-in screen protector, and raised edges that offer additional impact protection.

  • pbi-Foluu Slim Fit (OnePlus 12)

    Foluu Slim Fit (OnePlus 12)

    Slim Fit

    The Foluu Slim Fit is a slim, lightweight, and compact case. It doesn’t add much bulk to the device, and offers great protection against drops and scratches for the entire device. 

  • pbi-Osophter Clear (OnePlus 12)

    Osophter Clear (OnePlus 12)

    Best Value

    The Osophter Clear case comes in five unique styles, and offers a clear view of the back of the OnePlus 12. It’s ideal for those looking for something minimal. If you want a see-through case, this is one of the budget-friendly options.

  • pbi-Foluu Transparent (OnePlus 12)

    Foluu Transparent (OnePlus 12)

    Transparent Protection

    The Foluu Transparent case offers a clear, transparent view of the OnePlus 12, enabling you to see the beautiful design and color. It comes with a one-year warranty, and it’s perfect for those looking for something slim, thin, and lightweight.

Which case should you buy?


Spigen Liquid Air (OnePlus 12)

There aren’t many options to choose from, but we still have a good selection of high-quality cases you can buy right now. If you’re looking for a great first-party case, then OnePlus’ Aramid Fiber, or the classic Sandstone Bumper case are ideal. They offer precise cutouts, a slim design, high-quality materials, and a premium feel. They fit the OnePlus 12 perfectly, and they’ll match the look of the device’s design.

If you’re looking for another alternative to the OnePlus cases, the Spigen Liquid Air, and TUDIA DualShield Grip are both excellent, offering unique looks, various colors, and additional protection. However, if you want to take it to the next level, the Poetic Revolution is a fantastic all-in-one, including a built-in screen protector and even a kickstand at an affordable price.


OnePlus 12

$800 $900 Save $100

The new OnePlus 12 features a 6.8-inch LTPO AMOLED display, a larger 5,400 mAh battery, and the new powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC. It has a new and improved camera setup with periscope telephoto lens, improved durability, and charging.