The Quest Store has a ton of fantastic games, but there are tons of great titles that Quest-only players will miss out on. Quest headsets just can’t run games like Half-Life: Alyx and Star Wars Squadrons by themselves. Thankfully, you can still play those and more Steam VR games with your Quest 2 or Quest 3.

Once you know how to play SteamVR on the Oculus Quest and get your hands on an Oculus Link-compatible PC, you’ll be ready to start buying gorgeous PC VR games on your Quest headset. These are the best SteamVR games that you can enjoy on your Quest 2 or Quest 3.

The Best SteamVR games to play on your Quest 3

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Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life 3 in all but name, Half-Life: Alyx isn’t just a huge game-changer to the classic franchise in visuals, gameplay, and story — it’s also arguably the best VR game on any platform. There are a lot of ways in which the 15-hour campaign succeeds, but to scratch the surface here, its enemies are terrifying, the graphics and environmental storytelling will impress you, the controls and teleportation make your actions feel natural, and the world feels truly interactive across the entire campaign.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

One of the most famous and acclaimed games of the last 10 years, Skyrim has hundreds of hours of gameplay to dive into, giving you far more bang for your buck proportionally than most VR games by far. In terms of this port, VR controls make Skyrim’s basic combat feel far more dynamic and intense by making you blast or slash foes yourself while dodging attacks in room-scale mode — though you can also play with a controller. Like any Bethesda game, it’s loaded with bugs (which some argue are features); look past those, and you can really dive into the world where there’s always something else to do.

Star Wars: Squadrons

A first-person flight sim set mostly after Return of the Jedi where you suit up for both the New Republic and Imperials, Squadrons has ten unique ship types, customizable loadouts, tricky-to-master controls, and both single-player and cross-platform multiplayer. You’ll have fun with a gamepad but buy a joystick if you want the most authentic flight experience. Well-reviewed Star Wars games are hard to find these days. While we enjoyed Vader Immortal and Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, Squadrons is a far more in-depth, replayable experience.


A horror game that took YouTube and Twitch by storm, Phasmophobia lets you become a ghost hunter who actually encounters a variety of dangerous spirits — unlike the ones on TV. Using various tools and an optional squad of teammates, you must find a way to summon them and collect information on what type of ghosts they are. Just be careful: they listen and respond to your voice, and the jumpscares only get more frightening in VR.

Tabletop Simulator

Playable on PC without headsets but VR-enabled, Tabletop Simulator comes with classics like Chess and Poker, along with thousands of community-made games, options for homebrew role-playing campaigns like Dungeons & Dragons. There’s also DLC for popular board games like Scythe and One Night Ultimate Werewolf that feature actual assets from the physical games. It’s great to connect with friends living in other cities or while you’re all stuck indoors.

No Man’s Sky

After launching in 2016 to negative reviews complaining that its world was empty and boring, No Man’s Sky became the comeback story of our gaming generation after the developers kept adding incredible content to the world for free, including space pets and mech suits. The VR version, originally made for PSVR, is more visually stunning when powered by a PC and makes you feel like a true intrepid, galactic explorer.


Want to play Mirror’s Edge, only designed specifically for virtual reality? STRIDE is the answer. You swing your arms to propel yourself forward, so you’ll actually have to break a sweat while leaping from rooftops or wall-running. STRIDE has a variety of single player modes, including an endless running mode where you must survive while snipers aim at you and time trials, but there’s also multiplayer staples like King of the Hill and Horde.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Using Bing Maps, cloud-based computing, photogrammetry, and tons of patches to add as many real-world locations as possible, Microsoft’s developers have built a realistic, traversable environment spanning the globe for you to explore in a variety of faithfully recreated planes. Using your gamepad or HOTAS, you can fly literally anywhere, day or night, in any weather. As a simulator, you don’t have any goals or missions beyond mastering your pilot training and enjoying the ambiance — whether that sounds blissful or boring will depend on the player.

Kayak VR: Mirage

One of the biggest appeals of virtual reality is the ability to explore worlds you otherwise couldn’t. That doesn’t necessarily mean stepping into fictional places — sometimes you might just want to explore real life locations from the comfort of your own home. Kayak VR: Mirage does just that, putting you in a kayak as you explore vistas inspired by some of the most beautiful places on earth. Paddle through a tropical paradise inspired by Costa Rica, glide through Antarctica, brave a thunderstorm on the waves of the Nordic sea, and more. Kayak VR: Mirage features absolutely breathtaking graphics and realistic water physics. Best of all, it’s extremely accessible even those prone to motion sickness.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice VR Edition

As a third-person game that you must play with a gamepad, Hellblade may not seem like a natural fit for VR, but the haunting story and impressive graphics make it more than work. In this combination action/horror/puzzle game, you play as an 8th-century warrior struggling with mental illness as she combats gods, humans, and personal demons — both real and psychological. Already a very intense game visually and thematically, Hellblade only becomes more so when experienced in VR.

Pavlov VR

Undoubtedly one of the most popular shooters for VR gamers, Pavlov technically has a Quest App Lab port already — Pavlov: Shack — but even still, the PC version has far superior graphics, mechanics that the Quest’s processing can’t handle, and a WWII update! With dedicated servers, multiple game modes, and shooting that requires fast reaction times and skillful aiming, Pavlov has a lot to offer for fans of multiplayer.

DCS World Steam Edition

For those flight game fanatics who find Microsoft Flight Simulator too purposeless or dull, DCS World in VR may be a better fit — though it won’t be “free.” It comes with two planes and two maps, but beyond that, you’ll pay about the cost of a full game for every new plane or helicopter, each from different wartime eras and sporting historically accurate tech that makes each feel unique. We include it here because its fans tend to spend hundreds of hours in this game, mastering the controls and completing the hundreds of available missions, or just having fun in its sandbox.

The Lab

Still new to VR and looking for new content to enjoy? The Lab contains a few hours of free minigames that’ll help you acclimate to touch controls. Made by Valve, The Lab has tons of cute and silly secrets that’ll make you want to spend plenty of time exploring. It’s not the most in-depth experience by any means, but it’s honestly more fun for an afternoon than many paid VR games.


BONEWORKS is designed for players who are comfortable with intense VR experiences, so those prone to motion sickness should hold off on this. If you’re able to play it, though, you’re in for a VR shooter with a heavy emphasis on realistic physics and some serious Half-Life vibes. And weapons. Lots of weapons.

Beat Saber

I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out: Beat Saber is excellent on Quest, but playing on PC is a completely different ballgame. Sure, you could go through the trouble of installing SideQuest on your PC and modding Beat Saber on your headset, but modding games on PC is much easier. Plus, PC games have much more active modding communities, so you’re much more likely to find that song you’re looking for on PC. Beat Saber’s already one of the all-time greatest VR games, but why not make it customizable?

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil 4 VR on Quest is a great experience, but it’s a remake of a much older game. While there’s no arguing that Resident Evil 4 is one of the greatest games of all-time, it’s not as good-looking (or as scary) as Resident Evil Village. Take on Village’s iconic, viral rogues gallery as Ethan Hunt in this gorgeoud VR version of an already great game.

Oculus + Steam = the best of both worlds

Oculus Rift and SteamVR games both give you better graphics than Quest hedsets can offer, but generally speaking, the best Rift games are just like the best Meta Quest 3 games: They’re built specifically for VR, which usually means they’re interactive but tend to be smaller experiences. This can be true with some Steam and PC VR games, but Steam has an absolutely massive library of more traditional video games that happen to be ported to VR, which means they’re more likely to last you for more than a few hours.

You get the best of both worlds with Half-Life: Alyx, which combines a decently long campaign with a virtual world that’s fully controllable with impressive motion controls. And while it looks more visually impressive on Valve’s own VR headset, Alyx can be even more immersive on the Quest 3 since you can play it wirelessly thanks to the Virtual Desk feature on Quest, allowing you to explore City 17 fully untethered.

Plus, SteamVR gives you VR-ified ports of popular PC titles like Resident Evil Village, and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, which is too graphically intensive for the Quest to handle natively. By buying one of the best Oculus Link Cable alternatives and getting the best Meta Quest 3 SteamVR games on your headset, you’ll get access to tons of amazing games and experiences that you’d otherwise have to play on a flat-screen.