What You Should Know:

  • Bone Health Technologies (BHT), a health technology innovator developing breakthrough non-invasive solutions for bone health, today announced the company has raised a new $5 million funding round from leading investment firms, including Esplanade VenturesBerkeley Catalyst Fund, as well as strategic investor and leading global medical technology provider Terumo Medical. Ella Seitz of Esplanade Ventures and Yushin Yazaki of Terumo were appointed as board observers.
  • This influx of capital marks a pivotal moment in BHT’s mission to reshape bone health for postmenopausal women, closing right in time for de novo FDA clearance. The funding will support the final development stages of BHT’s flagship Osteoboost vibration wearable, expected to launch later this year.

Osteoboost: The Future of Bone Health Management

Osteoboost, a wearable smart device worn as a hip belt, has been clinically demonstrated to safeguard postmenopausal women against the bone density decline typically associated with menopause and aging. By employing precise vibration, Osteoboost activates the body’s natural bone regeneration process, thereby reducing the likelihood of individuals progressing from osteopenia to osteoporosis. During trials, Osteoboost not only significantly decelerated bone density loss but also boasted an impressive user adherence rate exceeding 80%, with no reported serious adverse events.

Presently, more than 64 million individuals in the US are grappling with osteopenia and osteoporosis. Osteoboost stands out as the premier non-pharmacological FDA-cleared prescription device tailored to address this lucrative $30 billion market. BHT is currently finalizing the production and distribution logistics for Osteoboost’s imminent public launch, expected later this year. Those keen on tracking the launch progress, including patients and healthcare professionals, are encouraged to join a notification list.

“Bringing a breakthrough, de novo, prescription medical device to market is a challenging road that requires patience and perseverance“said Laura Yecies, CEO of Bone Health Technologies. “We chose to validate the science behind Osteoboost through a rigorous clinical trial, so that postmenopausal women and their physicians could have confidence in our data. The FDA clearance was the last major external hurdle, and now our focus shifts to the launch later this year. We’re thankful for our early investors who believed in our vision and our new investors who seized on the clinical data and recognized the impact we can have for women around the world.”