What You Should Know:

– While healthcare has embraced wearables and virtual visits, a new survey reveals that 69% of U.S. adults are uncomfortable with healthcare companies using AI to diagnose them. 

Salesforce’s Pulse of the Patient Snapshot surveyed over 1,400 U.S. adults revealed patients do not want to see doctors replaced with AI.

Why Doctors Need AI, Not Vice Versa

Imagine a doctor bogged down by paperwork. A 2023 Athenahealth survey found over 90% of U.S. physicians experience regular burnout. AI can alleviate this burden by handling administrative tasks and streamlining workflows. As Amit Khanna, SVP & GM of Health at Salesforce, says, “AI won’t replace doctors, it will augment them.”

The Numbers: Trust in Physicians Reigns Supreme

70% of respondents turn to their physician for healthcare information, far exceeding any other source.

– Generative AI sources like ChatGPT garnered a mere 2% for healthcare information.

– Interestingly, Gen Z relies heavily on search engines but also explores a wider variety of sources, including social media and health apps. This highlights the growing threat of misinformation and the need for healthcare organizations to establish trust across these channels.

Understanding AI’s Role: A Work in Progress

Only 10% of U.S. adults surveyed felt they understood AI’s role in healthcare. This knowledge gap can hinder trust. 47% believe AI will significantly impact the healthcare system in five years, but only 29% expect it to affect their own experience. This gap is even wider for low-income individuals.

Patient Concerns: Security, Privacy, and the Doctor-Patient Bond

– 68% worry AI could weaken the patient-provider relationship.

– 63% fear AI could introduce security risks and inaccurate information.

– Gen Z is particularly concerned about data misuse (e.g., for insurance decisions or model training).

The Sweet Spot: AI for Non-Clinical Tasks

Patients are most comfortable with AI handling non-clinical tasks:

– 69% are okay with AI scheduling appointments.

– Over half approve of AI estimating medical expenses and simplifying insurance information.

The Future of AI in Healthcare: Collaboration is Key

While diagnosis by AI is a current concern, as the technology evolves, patients may become more receptive. AI’s ability to analyze vast datasets could support doctors in areas like medical imaging analysis and risk factor prediction.

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