Bain Capital PE Makes Strategic Investment in CitiusTech

What You Should Know:

CitiusTech, a healthcare technology provider, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution to address the reliability, quality, and trust concerns surrounding Generative AI (Gen AI) in healthcare.

– This industry-first offering aims to empower healthcare organizations to confidently adopt and scale Gen AI applications, unlocking their transformative potential.

Gen AI Quality & Trust Solution

Over 80% of Gen AI projects face delays due to lack of trust in their reliability and compliance. CitiusTech’s Gen AI Quality & Trust solution tackles this challenge by prioritizing trust, quality, and reliability. CitiusTech’s Gen AI Quality & Trust Solutions fully integrate into existing MLOps, DataOps and Quality Management Solutions, and anchors to healthcare use cases and outcomes.

Key features include:

  • Software-based framework: Coupled with consulting, implementation, and support services.
  • Automated design & decision-making: Provides pre-packaged measures and automated validation.
  • Healthcare-specific metrics: Over 70 metrics across 7 dimensions (accuracy, bias, fairness, etc.).
  • Beta-tested by multiple clients: Ensures real-world effectiveness and user feedback incorporated.

“At present, there are no established technology or platform agnostic solutions that measure quality and trust of healthcare Gen AI solutions, end-to-end. Approaches used in building and evaluating LLMs, and foundation models are useful, but have not been designed for healthcare,” said Sridhar Turaga, SVP – Data and Analytics, CitiusTech. “Our Gen AI Quality & Trust Solution is the first systematic approach in healthcare to quantitatively measure, verify and monitor Gen AI solutions. This solution also synthesizes and builds on work by AI researchers, platform players, industry forums and regulatory bodies. We go beyond pure math or tech and contextualize everything to healthcare context.”