What You Should Know:

Conduce Health, a healthcare technology company focused on value-based care raises $3M in seed funding led by Connecticut Innovations with participation from AlleyCorp and CityLight.

– With a network of over 150 specialists, Conduce provides a centralized platform for managing specialty care risk, optimizing contracting, and utilizing data science to deliver the right care at the right time.

The Problem: Disconnected Care for Complex Conditions

Value-based care models are changing healthcare, but integrating specialty care remains a challenge. Patients with chronic diseases often require multiple specialists, yet the primary care and specialist ecosystems are fragmented. This can lead to:

  • Hyperlocal complexities: Finding the right specialist in a specific geographic area can be difficult.
  • Attribution challenges: Assigning responsibility for patient outcomes across multiple providers can be complex.
  • Risk tolerance disparity: Primary care providers (PCPs) and specialists may have different risk tolerances, hindering collaboration.

Conduce’s Solution: A Marketplace for Personalized Care

Conduce offers a unique solution with its multi-specialty value-based care marketplace. Here’s how it works:

  • Conduce Clinical Profiles™: This innovative system categorizes patients based on multi-dimensional factors, ensuring they are matched with the most suitable specialists.
  • Specialty Provider Network: Conduce builds a network of high-quality specialists tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient profile.
  • Streamlined Referral Engine: Conduce simplifies the referral process, seamlessly integrating with existing PCP workflows.

Marketplace Availability

Conduce’s marketplace is already active in South Carolina and Georgia, with plans for rapid expansion across the Southeast. They are actively seeking partnerships with:

  • Primary Care Organizations
  • Specialty Physicians
  • Specialty Vendors

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