What You Should Know:

– CPSI (NASDAQ: CPSI) announced a strategic rebranding, transitioning to TruBridge, Inc. (“TruBridge”) effective March 4, 2024.

– The rebrand reflects a commitment to streamlining its offerings, strengthening its market presence, and driving future growth by creating a unified identity.

A Unified Vision for Healthcare Solutions

The new name, TruBridge, reflects the company’s commitment to building a bridge between efficient financial management and quality clinical care. Through this consolidation, TruBridge aims to:

– Streamline its offerings: Clients will benefit from a single point of contact for all their healthcare technology needs, simplifying access to a comprehensive suite of solutions.

– Enhance market presence: The unified brand strengthens TruBridge’s position as a major player in the healthcare technology market, attracting new clients and partners.

– Position for future growth: By focusing on its core strengths, TruBridge is well-equipped to capitalize on emerging opportunities and adapt to industry trends.

“As one company, TruBridge is collectively focused on bridging gaps in healthcare, empowering providers and improving financial and clinical outcomes through the timely delivery of solutions that solve real problems in the communities we serve,” said Chris Fowler, president and chief executive officer of CPSI.