Power Efficient Storage System Designed for AI and High-Performance Software Stacks and AI Libraries Seamlessly Accelerates End to End GPU, Compute and Network with Many Options

DDN®, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and multi-cloud data management solutions, announced the latest addition to its powerful A3I® solutions, the DDN AI400X2 Turbo. 30% more powerful than the AI400X2, the previous industry performance leader, the AI400X2 Turbo boasts faster performance and expanded connectivity options.

As AI workloads multiply across markets, GPU manufacturers continue to innovate and develop faster accelerators to handle these massive workloads. It is critically important that all data center infrastructure elements can fully facilitate their processing power. DDN’s AI400X2 Turbo delivers much better ROI for multi-node GPU clusters as well as Generative AI, Inference, AI frameworks and software libraries, with staggering 75 GB/s write speeds and 120 GB/s read speeds per 2U appliance. 

“With data centers and cloud providers making massive investments in AI infrastructures, data storage is a key enabler in accelerating ROI, increasing the efficiency of AI frameworks and software libraries, and delivering highest performance to GPUs,” said Dr. James Coomer, senior vice president of products, DDN. “DDN’s AI400X2 Turbo was designed to deliver highest efficiency, performance and ideal power and simplicity for Gen AI, inference and multi-node GPU clusters, reinforcing DDN’s position as the top choice for large-scale generative AI and large language models.”

The AI400X2 Turbo joins the lineup of A3I appliances that are deployed today and power NVIDIA DGX™ systems globally across a wide range of production environments in financial services, life sciences, healthcare and autonomous vehicle industries. Building solutions that optimize application and AI framework performance, DDN leads and accelerates the way to safe and power-efficient AI adoption with cutting-edge storage innovation.

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