I typically lose my wallet at least two times a month. Most recently, I couldn’t find it on New Year’s Day. I was starting to worry that I’d left it at the restaurant I had been the night before. I eventually found it in my bed, but it took me half an hour to search for it. This is one of the benefits of a Find My integrated accessory. I would have been much less worried if I knew it was at home. ESR’s iPhone wallet with Find My integration solves this problem with plenty of room to spare. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the ESR MagSafe wallet.

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Apple’s MagSafe wallet is certainly passable for someone who wants a minimal wallet, but I always found it slightly limiting. I wish it would hold maybe 1-2 more cards with a spot for a $20 dollar bill or so. ESR takes Apple’s wallet and builds a better option.

ESR MagSafe wallet

The first thing you’ll notice about the ESR MagSafe wallet is that it includes a Find My integration. This will likely become table stakes for many MagSafe wallets in the future. Since Apple allows 3rd party vendor access, it’s certainly something I’ll look to be included in all my wallets in the future. Adding it to your iPhone is simple. After unboxing, you need to confirm your iPhone settings confirm what’s in the manual, and then you’ll pair it in the Find My app. The wallet will come precharged, but you’ll want to charge it as soon as possible. While I wish it were a USB-C connection, I appreciate ESR’s design of including a built-in battery. ESR’s MagSafe wallet does use a proprietary connector for charging.

ESR MagSafe wallet

Pairing it will take just a few minutes, and Apple has done a great job of standardizing the process.

ESR MagSafe wallet physical features

A few things here make it an upgrade over Apple’s wallet. The first is the built-in stand. I’ve grown to appreciate always having a stand on my iPhone. Even at my desk, I’ll often leave it on a stand for quick glances for phone calls, 2FA text messages, etc. With the iPhone 15’s always on display, it’s incredibly useful to have it at only a glance away. It works between 15° and 170° in either portrait or landscape. It’s perfect for TV/movie watching on a plane as well.

The 2nd aspect I like about the ESR wallet over Apple’s wallet is the secure grip. This is a new feature for me as I’ve never been one to have a case with it built-in before, but I’ve found it beneficial day to day for holding my iPhone securely while holding other items. A good example here is when I am walking my dogs. I use it always to have a secure grip on the iPhone regardless of how the leashes are in my hand. Whenever my dogs see another dog, they go bonkers, so I must wrangle them back. I’ve dropped my iPhone numerous times because the leashes make me lose my grip when the dogs go wild. Now, it’s solved the problem. I grip it through the built-in secure loop, and it’s always secure.

Card wise, ESR claims it holds 1-3 cards, which is similar to Apple’s wallet. I’ve easily fit in 4 cards, though. Your mileage may vary depending on the thickness of the cards you’re trying to carry. It has some room to give where it’ll stretch out over time to fit four easily but still quickly get them in and out.

Wrap up

My only complaint about the ESR MagSafe wallet is that they left some room on the table by not including a small pocket for cash or a windowed pocket for a driver’s license. The inside of the wallet is completely useless outside the power button. Perhaps there is a technical reason relating to the Find My integration, but otherwise, I’d love to see a future version that includes room for more cards/cash.

ESR Charging Port

Overall, it’s a significant upgrade to Apple’s Find My Wallet at a lower price. You can buy it from Amazon or directly from ESR.

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