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Can Grey’s Anatomy stop giving us bittersweet endings this year? First, we find out Ellen Pompeo is leaving Grey’s Anatomy. Now Station 19, a Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, also is coming to an end, with season 7 being the very last.

After a months-long delay due to industry strikes, Station 19 finally has a premiere date. Its farewell episodes are much fewer in number than what we are used to.

Leading the station this year is Andy Herrera, who steps into her role as captain permanently — a promotion that is sure to bring both trials and triumphs.

So, let’s take a look at everything we know about the Station 19 season 7 release date, and likely plot developments and prepare to give our favorite firefighters a proper sendoff.

When is season 7 of Station 19 coming out?

Station 19 season 7 will premiere on March 14, 2024, on ABC. It was originally expected to premiere in Fall 2023 but was delayed due to strikes.

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What to expect from season 7 of Station 19?

Quite a lot happened in the season 6 finale, so there’ll be a lot to follow up with this season.

Andy makes captain

We’ll see Andy Herrera adjust to her permanent promotion to captain of Station 19. The show will explore the obstacles and challenges she faces stepping into the leadership role. After six seasons working under various captains, Andy will need to define her style and approach. We’ll probably see her mess up a couple of times before she gets it right, but isn’t that the whole point?

Fate of Jack Gibson

Jack Gibson collapsed at the end of season 6 due to complications from previous brain trauma. His role in season 7 is uncertain but he is expected to have a reduced role as he recovers. It remains to be seen whether he will return to active duty. His health crisis could strain his relationships.

A new enemy

With the death of Chief Dixon, there is a power vacuum. Season 7 could introduce a new antagonist that threatens the station. This new enemy may be cutthroat and willing to undermine authority to meet their goals. The writers have an opportunity to create fresh conflict.

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Theo as a villain

Theo’s ego and ambition grew unchecked after his promotion, damaging his relationship with Vic. If promoted again, his arrogance could swell further, turning him into a full-on villain. Theo’s morality may slip as he pursues the next professional rung, causing more tension with the crew.

Sullivan and Natasha

Their secret relationship was exposed at the Firefighter’s Ball. Season 7 will likely show the messy consequences. Their reputations may suffer after hiding the affair.

Baby for Carina and Maya

The fate of the mother of the baby Carina helped deliver is uncertain. If she dies in childbirth, Carina and Maya could adopt the child. This surprise addition would profoundly impact the newlyweds. We could see both humor and emotional depth as the two first-time mothers adjust.

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Station 19 season 7 cast

Most main cast members are expected to return including Jaina Lee Ortiz, Jason George, Grey Damon, Barrett Doss, Jay Hayden, Danielle Savre, Boris Kodjoe, Stefania Spampinato, and others.
Pat Healy (Dixon) will not return after his character died in season 6.

Where to watch Station 19 season 7

Station 19 season 7 will air on ABC when it premieres (Thursday, March 14). It will also be available the next day on Hulu for streaming.


It’s uncertain. He collapsed in the season 6 finale but details on season 7 are unclear. He may have a reduced role as he recovers.

Station 19 is filmed in Los Angeles. The exterior shots are filmed at the Seattle Fire Department’s Station 20.

The actor wanted to leave the show and asked to be written out of the story. He wanted to move on to other projects.

Lucas Ripley dies after he runs into a fire to save a life. He’s exposed to hydrofluoric acid which compromises his heart.

No, Station 19 will air at 10 PM, after Grey’s Anatomy at 9 PM. Previously, it aired before Grey’s Anatomy.