Samsung Galaxy A54 5G white back in hand

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Galaxy A54 5G camera trio

Update, March 6, 2024 (2:33 AM ET): We’ve updated this Samsung Galaxy A55 5G rumor hub with information about the phone’s possible launch date as announced by Samsung.

Original article: Samsung’s flagship smartphones might grab the headlines, but it’s hard to go wrong with the brand’s more affordable Galaxy A54 5G. Sporting a high-end design, robust everyday performance, a wonderful camera, and an upgrade pledge that can’t be beaten, it’s not just a tremendous affordable Android phone but a solid all-around pick.

We are still weeks away from the phone’s successor, but that hasn’t stopped us from wondering what’s in store for the Samsung Galaxy A55 5G.

Will there be a Samsung Galaxy A55 5G?

At this point, it’s practically guaranteed. Not only do we have plenty of leaks, but we also have a TENAA listing, which essentially assures a phone is imminent. Although Samsung has yet to confirm the existence of the Galaxy A55 5G, a successor to the Galaxy A54 5G is virtually guaranteed to form the core of the brand’s 2024 mid-tier line-up.

Whether or not the phone is called the Galaxy A55 5G is up in the air, but it seems doubtful Samsung will mess with the branding of its successful mid-range formula. As such, we fully expect the Galaxy A55 5G to be Samsung’s follow-up to 2023’s Galaxy A54 5G.

When might the Samsung Galaxy A55 5G release date be?

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G colorways 1

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  • Galaxy A52 5G launch: March 17, 2021
  • Galaxy A53 5G launch: March 17, 2022
  • Galaxy A54 5G launch: March 15, 2023

Mid-March 2024 is the most likely Samsung Galaxy A55 5G release date if you follow the series’ most recent release schedule. The handset typically arrives shortly after the Samsung Galaxy S flagship launch, which occurs early in the year. The company has also announced that it’ll unveil new Galaxy A Series phones on March 11 in India, and all signs point to the Galaxy A55’s launch.

What specs and features could the Samsung Galaxy A55 5G have?

For starters, one stand-out takeaway from our Galaxy A54 5G review is just how much the phone looks like Samsung’s most recent flagship smartphone. The new design is likely part of Samsung’s brand strategy from now on, so we’d be very surprised if the A55 changes things again so soon.

MySmartPrice posted apparent Galaxy A55 5G renders in December 2023, indeed showing a similar look to the Galaxy A54 but with a couple of key changes. You can check out these CAD-based renders below.

The most prominent change here is what appears to be a metal frame (complete with antenna lines) with flat edges. Hopefully, this doesn’t result in the phone digging into your palm. We also see an interesting bump for the buttons we’re calling “Key Island.” The buttons are on a slightly raised platform on the side, something we didn’t see on the Galaxy S24 series.

In early March, a Belgian telecom named Orange accidentally published a listing for the Galaxy A55. While the page was taken down, the listing revealed images — like the one below — and a full spec sheet for the device.

Galaxy A55

On the hardware front, series staples will undoubtedly remain in place. The IP67 rating, 120Hz Super AMOLED display, and Wi-Fi 6 capabilities from its predecessor will almost certainly carry over. These specs have been corroborated by the listing Orange leaked. The third image above also supports the IP rating. Not forgetting, Samsung’s best-in-class update policy offers four years of Android version support with five years of security coverage to last the phone into 2029.

As for the processor, it was rumored an Exynos 1480 chipset would be used. The leaked spec sheet supports this and it’s believed that this chip brings AMD graphics to the mid-tier for the first time.

A leak that comes courtesy of WinFuture may have spilled the beans on anything we didn’t previously know about the handset. According to that leak, we can expect a 6.6-inch AMOLED display, a triple rear camera setup (50MP, 12MP, 5MP), a 32MP front camera, 6/8GB of RAM and 128/256GB of storage, and a 5,000mAh battery. The leaked spec sheet also appears to confirm these specs while adding the smartphone should have expandable memory of up to 1 TB.

What could the Samsung Galaxy A55 5G price be?

samsung galaxy a54 app drawer

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  • Galaxy A52 5G price: $499 / £399 / €399
  • Galaxy A53 5G price: $449 / £399 / €449
  • Galaxy A54 5G price: $449 / £449 / €489

Samsung has been consistent with pricing for its cheaper phones in recent years, at least in the US. However, European and UK prices have crept up steadily over the past couple of generations, pushing the phone right to the top end of the mid-range market.

We’d be surprised if the Galaxy A55 5G price tag jumps extraordinarily next year, as value for money is a huge part of the phone’s appeal. Nevertheless, the US does appear overdue for an increase, and Samsung might not be willing or able to shield its customers from a hike in the current climate. Still, we expect the phone to arrive with a base model starting below $500.

Should you wait for the Samsung Galaxy A55 5G?

samsung galaxy a54 vs iphone se 2022 vs google pixel 6a

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Based on the historically slow cadence of Samsung‘s upgrades, those in need of a phone today can wait for the Galaxy A55 since it might just be a few days away. The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G ($449.99 at Samsung) likely offers the vast majority of the A55 5G’s features and is built to last many years. However, it doesn’t make sense to opt for the older model now that the A55 is at the brink of launch.

Of course, Samsung isn’t alone in the budget segment. Summer 2023’s Google Pixel 7a ($477 at Amazon) costs a little more but nets you Google’s camera prowess, a beefier processor, and wireless charging capabilities. Those looking to bridge the gap with a few extra flagship features might find that the Pixel 7a suits their needs better than the Galaxy A54 5G.

The Apple iPhone SE (2022) ($429 at Amazon) is also often talked about in budget circles, but it’s an older model that’s showing its age. If you’re not in a hurry to upgrade, it’s probably worth waiting to see what Samsung’s next model has in store. The Galaxy A55 could leap further ahead, especially if Apple’s budget option doesn’t receive an upgrade this year.

Samsung Galaxy A55 5G: What we want to see

As great as the Galaxy A54 5G is, there is still room for improvement in the formula. Here’s what we really want to see from Samsung’s next mid-ranger, but there’s certainly no guarantee any of the below will make an appearance.

Wireless charging

google pixel 7a wireless charging

Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

The Galaxy A55 5G does a lot right and is better than its competitors in many regards, but the lack of wireless charging is one area that makes the phone feel dated.

Granted, this certainly isn’t a must-have feature, but it’s a convenience we’re increasingly accustomed to at this price. Apple’s affordable iPhone SE and Google’s Pixel 7a (pictured above) boast the feature and fall squarely in the same price bracket as Samsung’s model.

There’s not really a good reason for Samsung to scrimp on this feature any longer. Especially when rivals have offered wireless charging for years, and the phone will likely ship with a plastic body.

Flagship-like build quality

Samsung’s latest mid-range is a master of disguise. While it certainly looks the part of a flagship phone, it doesn’t feel quite as premium once it’s in your hand. The reason is that the body is still plastic; there’s no fancy metal trim running around the phone’s edge.

While we shouldn’t expect all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the cost, a nicer build would cement the Galaxy A55 5G as a firm bridge between Samsung’s flagship and affordable portfolios. The good news is that leaked renders indeed point to a metal frame. We also wouldn’t mind seeing the current Gorilla Glass 5 protection upgraded to something like Gorilla Glass Victus.

But obviously, design upgrades like this would need to be balanced against the phone’s price tag, which definitely needs to remain under $500.

Upgraded camera capabilities

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G camera trio

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Galaxy A54 5G camera trio

Samsung’s Galaxy A54 5G is already a solid contender if you’re after a reliable budget camera phone. However, it still falls into that most common of mid-range traps — the unnecessary low-res macro lens.

Based on our time with the phone, the main and ultrawide cameras are already highly competitive, and while further upgrades would be welcome, they aren’t crying out for better hardware. However, the 5MP macro camera is more hit-and-miss. Yes, it’s better than the ultra-cheap 2MP macro cameras you’ll find elsewhere, but it’s nowhere near as useful as a telephoto lens for added zoom. Ultimately, it’s just there to make up the numbers; many users will quickly tire of it.

Again, this wouldn’t be the cheapest upgrade, but an older 2x or 3x zoom camera would really boost the phone’s photography utility and elevate the Galaxy A55 5G above the competition. Samsung has already sensibly cut the series down from four cameras to three. Now, it just needs to refine what those three lenses can do.

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