Free Amazon Courses to Learn Generative AI: For All Levels
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Everybody wants a bite of the generative AI cake, from software developers to non-technical business leaders. Having all the information and skills required to take generative AI to the next level in your career or organization is all you need. You can now get this information with Amazon’s free courses that dive into generative AI, through different aspects, sectors, and also for different job titles. 



Link: Generative AI Foundations

Tune into Amazon’s Generative AI Foundations YouTube playlist that goes into a technical deep dive designed for those already familiar with AI modeling. You will learn about the conceptual foundations of generative AI, and be offered practical advice, as well as hands-on guidance to pre-train, fine-tune, and deploy state-of-the-art Foundation Models on AWS and beyond.



Link: Foundation of Prompt Engineering

This a standalone course, where you will learn the principles, techniques and best practices for effective prompt engineering. Start with learning the basics and slowly progress to more advanced techniques. You will also learn how to guard against prompt misuse as well as mitigating bias.

This course is aimed at intermediate-level tech professionals and will take 4 hours to complete. To get the most out of this course, it is recommended that you have a good understanding of generative AI, how to deal with it in projects and also Amazon Bedrock. 



Link: Generative AI Learning Plan for Developers

Start your generative AI learning path for software developers with this free Amazon course which goes into large-language models, planning generative AI projects, learning the foundations of prompt engineering, and also getting started with Amazon Bedrock. 

Consisting of 5 courses, which will take 11 hours in total. To get the most out of this course, the prerequisites are having AWS Technical Essentials and intermediate-level proficiency in Python.



Link: Building Language Models on AWS

Learn how to build large language models on Amazon SageMarker, a platform known to aid data scientists in building, training, deploying and monitoring machine learning models. Data scientists will be put up with the task of building large language models on the platform, learning about the different storage, ingestion and training options to be able to process the large text data required for the model. You will also learn about the challenges found when deploying large language models for generative AI tasks. 

This course is aimed at advanced-level tech professionals and will take 5.5 hours to complete. 



Link: Generative AI Learning Plan for Decision Makers

When it comes to being a tech professional or working with data-driven results, making decisions can be one of the most challenging things to do. In this free course provided by Amazon, you will learn about how generative AI is being used in the business aspect and how it is used to make technical decisions. Become one of these decision-makers as you learn how to approach a generative AI project to make an organization generative AI-ready.  

This learning path consists of 3 courses, which will take 1 hour each. 



Link: Generative AI for Executives

Although there is a lot of hype around generative AI at the moment, you may still not understand its true capabilities and how it can be implemented to improve your organization. In this course, you will get a high-level picture of generative AI, how it can address executives’ concerns and challenges, and how it supports business growth. This will be backed by various use cases and also a video on how you can train your workforce to use generative AI. 



Regardless of where you stand in your organisation, you must understand where the technology landscape currently is and what we should expect in the future. These courses can help you implement new strategies for your organisation or upskill you as a software developer. 

Everybody should have free access to learn about today’s world.

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