What you need to know

  • A report claims that Samsung is “bringing back the squarish design for its Galaxy Watch.”
  • Although it’s still being considered internally and probably won’t apply until the Galaxy Watch 8 or later, the site’s source claims it’s already a certainty.
  • Samsung first made square AMOLED displays for its Gear watches before switching to circular designs with the Gear S2 in 2015. 
  • Apple also released its first smartwatch in 2015, which adopted the squircle design.

Eight years after Samsung abandoned square-shaped smartwatches for circular models with rotating bezels, the popular Android watch brand allegedly has serious plans to switch back to a square- or squircle-shaped design for future Galaxy Watches. 

SamMobile claims to have insider information that Samsung “is looking to bring back the squarish design for its smartwatches,” something it hasn’t done since launching the Samsung Gear S in November 2014. 

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