A user views the Gemini app icon on their Samsung S22 Ultra.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority


  • Gemini is now letting users set reminders through Google Assistant integration and Google Tasks.
  • The functionality appears to be slowly rolling out in the US.

There are a few things holding Gemini back from being a true replacement for Google Assistant on Android. This includes absent features like routines, media service provider support, and more. But it looks like Gemini is now getting at least one of the functions it was sorely missing.

According to 9to5Google, the Gemini app on Android now has the ability to set reminders with the help of Google Assistant integration and Google Tasks. This means the app can now accept commands like “remind me to turn off lights tonight” or “remind me to grab the mail tomorrow morning.” Whereas before, you would be greeted by an error message or fake acknowledgment when attempting to set reminders.

When using Gemini to set a reminder, the app will activate Google Assistant and have the reminder saved in Tasks. You’ll also have the option to ask Gemini to show you your reminders, which will provide a list of your reminders.

It appears the feature is not widely available yet, but users in the US are seeing it with Gemini Advanced. Google may have chosen to slowly roll out the functionality.

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