Genesys Integrates with Epic’s CRM to Deliver Seamless Patient Journeys

What You Should Know:

Genesys®, a provider of cloud-based experience orchestration solutions powered by AI, has announced a strategic integration with Epic to enhance patient communication and care experiences. 

– Through Epic’s Workshop program, the companies will integrate the Genesys Cloud™ platform with Epic’s Cheers customer relationship management (CRM) suite. This integration aims to create a more unified and seamless experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

The Need for Unified Communication in Healthcare

Patients today expect secure, effortless, and empathetic interactions with their healthcare providers across all communication channels. Genesys Cloud empowers Epic users by providing access to crucial information gleaned from patient interactions. This comprehensive view fosters higher quality patient journeys, leading to improved outcomes, greater patient satisfaction, and stronger adherence to care plans.

Genesys Cloud/Epic Integration Benefits

Emerging technologies like generative AI are rapidly transforming the healthcare landscape.  By integrating Genesys Cloud with Epic, healthcare organizations can seamlessly connect patient engagement data with critical clinical data across various systems and departments. This fosters a more consistent and connected experience for patients interacting with their care teams.

Proven Success and Future Potential

Over 600 healthcare organizations currently leverage Genesys Cloud, generating over 130 million patient, member, and customer interactions monthly.  Additionally, six of the top ten US health systems rely on Genesys to enhance the patient experience.  Existing deployments of the Genesys Cloud and Epic integration have already yielded positive results in areas like access, revenue cycle automation, and AI-powered intent identification and validation.  Genesys’ participation in Epic’s Workshop program promises further advancements in the communication experience.

“In an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, the ability to meet the dynamic needs of patients with empathy is paramount,” said Tara Mahoney, vice president of the global healthcare practice at Genesys. “The Genesys Cloud integration with Epic provides a flexible and scalable communication solution, allowing healthcare providers to stay ahead of the curve, respond effectively to changing patient preferences and create a more personalized care experience.”

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