What you need to know

  • Users have flocked to Google’s community forums to report problems with the Assistant on Android Auto.
  • The AI helper is reportedly not working, producing a “Oops, something went wrong” error for many users.
  • The issue doesn’t appear to be widespread, however, attempts at self-rectifying the problem have not worked.

Problems have started to appear for Android Auto’s AI Assistant as users report a similar error across multiple versions.

Reports flooding Google’s community forums involve the Assistant continuously responding with “Oops, something went wrong” when told to do something (via 9to5Google). The problem has been reported since late January, with users scrambling to find a cure. One user said they’ve enabled all permissions and even checked the voice assistant to see if it worked — and it did.

Others stated this problem appeared after updating to version 11.1.6, with another reportedly running version 11.2. Another report states that pressing the Assistant’s button causes the error to appear. Curiously, the user said they were able to hear text messages, but Google Maps no longer audible directed them while driving. Hands-free calling seems to be inoperable, as well.

Very little appears to be working, as one user went through various tricks. Restarting their car’s display system and phone didn’t offer much relief, nor did deleting their cache. The user installed Android Auto’s 11.3 beta, but the error still occurred.

Google seems to be aware of the problem as a member of its Android Auto team has started asking users for specifics about their systems.

Android Auto coolwalk redesign

(Image credit: Google)

What’s more, reports of Google’s Assistant’s problems in Android Auto followed closely behind the AI’s UI redesign on the platform. The digital helper had its elements shifted to the bottom of your car’s display, covering its row of widgets as it waits to transcribe your words for text messages and more. It’s unlikely the redesign is the culprit, especially considering how it’s not affecting every Android Auto user.

Google Assistant had similar problems with Android Auto following its Android 13 update, which broke its “Hey Google” wake-up command. One trick to solve the problem was to long-press the Assistant’s button, but interacting with that doesn’t seem to be working this time around.

Elsewhere, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series is already having problems with Android Auto. Users with any of the latest devices are unable to connect to their car’s automotive systems. However, car brand manufacturers are working on a fix.