What you need to know

  • Google Contacts has undergone a makeover, introducing a ‘Connected apps’ section to enhance the contact details page.
  • The revamped contact details page now presents information about contacts linked to other apps on your phone in a more organized manner.
  • The update is seemingly reaching all users, but individual experiences may vary as it could be a server-side tweak.

Google Contacts just got a makeover, spiffing up the contact details page with a new Connected apps section.

When you search for a particular contact linked to another app on your phone, the contact details will now display the information in a more organized manner. This tweak was first uncovered by AssembleDebug in the app’s 4.26 version (via TheSpandroid).

Of course, Google Contacts not only displays details from your locally stored contacts but also gathers information from other apps on your phone. However, the interface can be a bit overwhelming, flooding the contact’s details page with a jumble of phone numbers.

Thanks to the fresh Connected apps section, users can now access and handle all the connected app information in one handy spot, with the option to expand for more details. The new top-level menu neatly displays each service you and a specific contact are connected on, like WhatsApp, Viber, or Telegram.

This feature also extends to any of your go-to messaging apps, where you and your contacts often communicate, be it in the form of messages or voice and video calls.

While the new setup might seem neater, there’s a downside. Now, to reach someone on a messaging service, you have to tap the service first and then select an option. Previously, a single tap could get you into conversations or phone calls.

However, with the new section, the display of contact information gets streamlined, resulting in better organization, as evident in the screenshot below.

Google Contacts new connected apps section

(Image credit: Future)

Users can now access crucial details from connected apps without navigating through a plethora of phone numbers.

This update seems to be reaching all users, but your experience might differ, as it could be a server-side change.