iRhythm and Epic Integrate to Streamline Access to Cardiac Monitoring Services

What You Should Know:

iRhythm Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: IRTC), a leader in digital healthcare solutions for cardiac arrhythmias, today announced a collaboration with Epic to simplify access to its Zio long-term cardiac monitoring services for healthcare providers using Epic’s electronic health record (EHR) platform.

– The partnership between iRhythm and Epic is expected to significantly simplify access to Zio services, potentially impacting millions of patients and improving the efficiency of cardiac arrhythmia detection and management.

Enhanced Efficiency for Clinicians

This partnership leverages Epic’s Aura platform, a suite specifically designed for managing specialty diagnostics and devices. Through Aura, iRhythm estimates that integrating Zio services into existing Epic systems can be achieved 75% faster than traditional methods.

Integration Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

– Improved workflow: Streamlined integration reduces administrative burdens for clinicians.

– Cost savings: Healthcare systems can potentially save hundreds of thousands of hours and millions of dollars in staff time previously required for integration.

– Increased access: Zio services become readily available to a wider range of healthcare providers using Epic, potentially impacting over 250 million patients in the US.

Building on Existing Success

iRhythm has already surpassed 1.5 million registrations for Zio services through EHR-integrated systems, demonstrating the value of streamlined workflows. This new collaboration with Epic is expected to further expand access and simplify integration for even more healthcare providers.


iRhythm is partnering with select early adoption customers to integrate Zio services into Aura by Q4 2024. The solution will be available to all existing and new Zio customers starting early 2025.

“Our work with Epic aligns with our goal to optimize clinician workflow efficiencies and provide seamless access to our Zio services. By integrating Zio services into healthcare providers’ EHR platforms, we are not just simplifying operations but empowering our health system customers to devote more time to patient care,” said Quentin Blackford, president and chief executive officer of iRhythm. “We believe this integration facilitates improved patient care, ensuring that our customers and their staff can focus on what truly matters—patient health. We are committed to continuous investment in our systems and services to make healthcare more efficient, secure, and patient-focused.”

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