After a period of anticipation, KDnuggets is excited to release a new cheat sheet for our community, this time spotlighting the indispensable Jupyter Notebook magic commands. These commands are integral for elevating efficiency in Jupyter Notebooks, a preferred environment for many data scientists and analysts. Magic commands are special instructions that expand upon the default capabilities of Python, offering both line magics, which operate on a single line of code, and cell magics, which apply to a whole cell within the notebook.

The utility of these magic commands lies in their ability to simplify complex tasks, thereby streamlining the workflow for professionals engaged in data science and analytics. They facilitate advanced data manipulation and analytical techniques, requiring less code and offering more power to the user. This cheat sheet is designed as a toolkit to enhance productivity, providing quick access to a variety of functionalities, from environmental variable management with %env, to performance optimization through timing execution with %%time, and even interactive debugging with %debug. By integrating these magic commands into their daily tasks, users can achieve a significantly more efficient and effective coding experience in Jupyter Notebooks.


Jupyter Notebook Magic Methods Cheat Sheet


The cheat sheet encompasses a wide array of magic commands, including the following:

  • %lsmagic: Shows a list of all available magic commands.
  • %history -n: Displays the last n commands with their line numbers.
  • %%time: Measures the execution time of a code block.
  • %quickref: Provides a quick reference of common magic commands and their descriptions.
  • %env: Displays a list of all environment variables.
  • %load and %run: Load and execute external Python scripts, respectively.
  • %debug: Activates the interactive debugger for error analysis.


Magic methods are special commands that provide additional functionality beyond standard Python syntax. There are two types of magic methods in Jupyter notebook: line magics and cell magics. Line magics apply to the current line and start with %, while cell magics apply to the entire cell and start with %%.


This resource serves as a comprehensive reference to utilizing magic methods effectively, improving coding practices within Jupyter Notebooks.

For more on Jupyter Notebook magic methods, check out our latest cheat sheet now, and don’t forget to check back soon for more.