Learn with LinkedIn: Free Courses About AI
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LinkedIn is a professional networking site that has allowed professionals to connect around the world, land amazing jobs, and continuously keep you in the loop with your sector. But now you can also gain some amazing resources from them with their free courses.

And as we know everybody is going crazy about the world of artificial intelligence – what a great time to learn about it for FREE!

So let’s get into the courses you can learn to kickstart your AI journey!



Link: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Regardless of what position and title you hold, it is going to be imperative for your professional and personal knowledge base to know about AI. This introduction to AI course is designed for project managers, product managers, directors, executives, and students who are looking to transition to the tech industry. 

It will provide you with a high-level overview of what AI is, the tools used and then into the depths of algorithms and techniques involved in machine learning, artificial neural networks, and deep learning. 



Link: Generative AI

A course that I believe everybody and their dog should take in the new year. Everyone is hyping about Generative AI and for good reasons. It’s about the shape of our future and I highly recommend you to learn what it exactly is. 

It’s shaping every industry from marketing, and healthcare, to real estate. Naturally, we will all be affected by generative AI, but it is better to be part of the movement rather than fall behind. In this course, you will learn how generative AI works, how to create your own content and the ethical implications of it. 



Link: Generative AI: The Evolution of Thoughtful Online Search

We’ve moved from using search engines such as Google to help answer our questions. But now we have engines such as ChatGPT where we can have conversations that can really help us get an answer. 

But learning how to leverage generative AI is a skill in itself, and this is exactly what this course aims to offer you. Learn about the beauty of prompt engineering, language, tone, and more. 



Link: Streamlining Your Work with Copilot

We’ve heard a lot about ChatGPT. But have you really used Microsoft’s Bing Chat to explore its full capacity? If not, this course is for you. 

In this course, you will learn about Bing Chat and how it can aid you in completing a variety of tasks as well as streamline your entire workflow. Sounds amazing right? A lot of people are looking at different ways that they can boost their productivity in the new year, and Bing Chat may be the answer for them. 



Link: Ethics in the Age of Generative AI

Listen, we’re all thinking about it, some of us are very vocal about it, and there’s no running away from it. The ethics around Generative AI. It’s a big topic and people are concerned about the implementation of AI systems in our everyday lives – and it’s normal to be!

Learning about the capabilities of generative AI, its limitations and what measures companies and the government are taking into consideration and implementing will put a lot of people’s minds at ease. Generative AI is fairly new in the market and there’s still a lot of work to do, so join the journey to see what our future looks like.



These 5 courses from LinkedIn are great for the wider community to learn about the tech industry. You could be a project manager who has come from a fashion background but you are interested in learning more about the tech industry and current tools. 

There is so much space for growth with these free courses, and I urge everybody from different backgrounds, age groups, and professions to be part of the tech journey – professional or personal.

Nisha Arya is a Data Scientist and Freelance Technical Writer. She is particularly interested in providing Data Science career advice or tutorials and theory based knowledge around Data Science. She also wishes to explore the different ways Artificial Intelligence is/can benefit the longevity of human life. A keen learner, seeking to broaden her tech knowledge and writing skills, whilst helping guide others.