What You Should Know:

Linus Health, a leader in early detection of Alzheimer’s and dementia, has acquired Aural Analytics, a company specializing in clinical-grade speech analysis technology. Aural Analytics’ speech analytics platform provides objective, repeatable metrics—unlocking a new paradigm of patient care.

– The strategic move strengthens Linus Health’s position in the fight against cognitive decline by adding a powerful new tool to its assessment platform.

Enhanced Detection Tools

Aural Analytics’ speech analysis software, Speech Vitals, will be integrated into Linus Health’s platform. This will allow for a more comprehensive assessment of cognitive function, potentially leading to earlier and more accurate diagnoses. The combined solution will provide researchers with a powerful tool for studying cognitive decline and clinicians with a valuable aid for identifying and understanding cognitive impairments in their patients. The acquisition allows Linus Health to enter the life sciences market, offering its technology to pharmaceutical companies for use in drug development and clinical trials.

Linus Health’s existing digital cognitive assessments, like the DCR™, will be enhanced by Aural Analytics’ speech analysis capabilities. Early studies have already shown that combining these approaches leads to more accurate results compared to traditional paper-based tests. This deeper understanding of cognitive function will allow for earlier detection and intervention for patients with dementia and other conditions.

“Thanks to the nature of software, our platform can distribute new, advanced and validated digital diagnostics to the market globally with unprecedented speed,” said Linus Health CEO and Co-Founder David Bates, PhD. “As with any chronic illness, earlier detection of brain-related disabilities allows for intervention that can delay, modify or even prevent progression of the disease. It’s why we are engineering the most inclusive approach to assessing and monitoring brain function, one that includes speech and movement, in addition to memory and other neurological functions.”

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