What You Should Know:

Mahana Therapeutics, a provider of digital chronic condition management programs acquires Cara Care, a Berlin-based company specializing in digital digestive healthcare.

– The acquisition of Cara Care is expected to accelerate Mahana’s market entry in Europe where the reimbursement of digital programs is outpacing the United States. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. 

Expanding Digestive Health Portfolio and Global Reach:

The acquisition bolsters Mahana’s existing digestive health offerings with four additional digital treatment programs. This creates a comprehensive suite addressing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Irritable Bowel Disorder (IBD), Celiac Disease, and Heartburn. Furthermore, Cara Care’s already established presence in Europe grants Mahana immediate global reach. Its IBS program is currently being prescribed and reimbursed in Germany, with plans to expand into France and the UK as digital program reimbursement becomes more prevalent across Europe.

Focus on Patient Outcomes and Reducing Provider Burden:

Both Mahana and Cara Care utilize self-guided digital programs based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). These programs are designed to complement existing treatments and address unmet needs in digestive, hearing, dermatology, and women’s health conditions. By integrating with standard care practices, these programs aim to:

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Enhance treatment satisfaction
  • Increase overall quality of life
  • Reduce provider workload burden

The combined company operates across the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom with both FDA-cleared and digital wellness programs for IBS and Tinnitus currently prescribed or offered by thousands of healthcare providers and used by tens of thousands of patients worldwide, and an exciting pipeline to reach the millions of patients suffering from IBD, Heartburn, Celiac Disease, Pruritus and Vulvodynia. 

“The combination of Mahana and Cara Care is an incredible opportunity to bring together our complementary expertise in chronic digestive health conditions and create a one-of-a-kind global offering of digital programs across the Digestive, Hearing, Dermatology, and Women’s Health markets.

The transaction will accelerate our mission of reaching the millions of patients suffering from these chronic conditions including through partnerships, such as our ongoing collaboration with Bayer,” said Simon Levy, CEO. “Our ability to pair our digital programs with conventional treatment options will improve overall outcomes, patient satisfaction and has the potential to greatly enhance the lifetime patient value for our consumer health and biopharmaceutical partners.”

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