Maverick AI and ImagineSoftware Partner to Automate Medical Coding with Gen AI

What You Should Know:

Maverick Medical AI (“Maverick”), a provider of an autonomous AI-powered medical coding platform, today announced a strategic partnership with ImagineSoftware, a provider of revenue cycle management (RCM) technology in the United States.

– The strategic partnership aims to automate the coding process, maximize revenue recovery, and optimize workflows for healthcare providers nationwide.

The Challenge: Manual Coding in a Digital Age

The healthcare industry generates vast amounts of data, yet suffers from staff shortages, particularly impacting medical coding teams. This creates a critical need for automated solutions to optimize revenue cycle operations. As providers digitize their records, the demand for AI-powered coding is rising to improve RCM, recover lost revenue, and optimize costs.

The Solution: Generative AI Automates Medical Coding

Through this partnership, ImagineSoftware will integrate Maverick’s Autonomous Medical Coding Platform as a solution for its customers, offering:

– Automated coding: Maverick’s AI engine autonomously analyzes clinical notes and reports, accurately generating reimbursement codes in real-time.

– High accuracy and compliance: The Generative AI model, continuously learning from experts, achieves an industry-leading 85% direct-to-bill rate with compliant coding.

– Improved productivity and efficiency: Medical coders can focus on complex cases, while the AI handles routine coding tasks, boosting overall productivity.