What You Should Know:

Mayo Clinic Platform launches Solutions Studio, a groundbreaking program designed to accelerate the development, validation, and deployment of digital health solutions.

– Solutions Studio addresses a critical challenge in healthcare – bridging the gap between promising digital health innovations and their practical integration into clinical workflows.

Addressing Challenges in Digital Health

The high costs and complexities associated with bringing digital health solutions to market often hinder innovation and limit patient access to these potentially life-changing technologies. Solutions Studio tackles these challenges by offering:

  • Global, De-identified Data: Access to a vast pool of clean, curated, and de-identified data from diverse global regions, empowering companies to develop and refine their solutions effectively.
  • Streamlined Workflow Integration: An efficient and scalable integration process allows for seamless incorporation of digital health solutions into existing hospital workflows.

Benefits for Digital Health Companies

Solutions Studio offers a comprehensive suite of benefits designed to support digital health companies throughout the entire development and commercialization journey:

  • Data Advantage: Leverage high-quality, diverse data sets for model development and improvement.
  • Development Tools: Utilize a library of tools with built-in analytics and federated training capabilities.
  • Rigorous Validation: The Mayo Clinic Platform_Validate program provides objective assessments of a solution’s performance.
  • Simplified Deployment: The Mayo Clinic Platform_Deploy program facilitates a smooth integration process into clinical workflows.
  • Expert Qualification: A novel qualification process ensures solutions meet rigorous standards through due diligence, clinical review, risk assessment, and quantitative analysis by medical professionals and data scientists.
  • Go-to-Market Support: Benefit from standardized contracting procedures, marketing opportunities, and access to the vast Mayo Clinic Care Network member hospitals.
  • Expert Guidance: Gain valuable insights and specialized support from Mayo Clinic’s renowned team of experts.
  • Implementation Services: Access comprehensive implementation services to ensure successful integration within healthcare settings.

“Solution developers typically need several years and millions of dollars to bring a digital health solution to the point of care. Solutions Studio will accelerate the rate at which these solutions can be developed and implemented, enabling better patient outcomes, higher operational efficiencies and a lower cost of care,” says Steve Bethke, vice president of product portfolio, Mayo Clinic Platform.