Mercury is an elegant weather app for Apple devices for those looking for an alternative to the native iOS Weather app. With its latest update, Mercury has received a host of new features, as well as a fully optimized version for Apple Vision Pro. Read on as we detail more about the update.

Mercury Weather gets new features and Vision Pro app

For those unfamiliar, Mercury Weather was developed by the same team behind Orbit, an app that helps people manage freelance work, calculate working hours, and generate invoices. Mercury shows you the most important details about the weather forecast at a glance. This includes temperature, humidity, wind speed, UV index, and much more.

Another interesting feature is that Mercury lets users manually choose between Apple Weather and OpenWeather as the data source. There’s also a “Dynamic” option that chooses the best service for each location.

With version 2.2, which was released on Wednesday, Mercury Weather got new widgets, including one for Trip Countdown and new sizes for the Current Conditions widget. The app has also been translated into more languages, such as French, Spanish and Chinese. On macOS, users will find a way to run the app from the Menu Bar.

Mercury Weather is also now available for visionOS with a fully optimized Apple Vision Pro app. Users will find not only the same features available on iOS and macOS, but also mini widgets that can be placed anywhere in their space. It’s worth noting that not even Apple’s Weather app is currently available for Vision Pro.

Try it now

You can download Mercury Weather for free on the App Store. However, some features such as adding multiple locations require a subscription which starts at $2.99 per month. There are also lifetime licenses available for individuals and families.

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